Re-made – Alex Scarrow

Leon and his younger sister, Grace, have recently moved to London from New York and are struggling to settle into their new school when rumours of an unidentified virus in Africa begin to fill the news. Within a week the virus hits London. The siblings witness people turning to liquid before their eyes, and they run for their lives. A month after touching

Earth’s atmosphere the virus has assimilated the world’s biomass.

But the virus isn’t their only enemy, and survival is just the first step . . .

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The Time Riders series


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About the author
Born in Hertford, raised in Hong Kong and then Essex, Alex is an ex-rock guitarist, graphic artist and creative director of a games company; now a full-time writer. His TIME RIDERS series is a huge international success sold into 20 languages and his new projects pack the punch to go bigger and better.

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10 thoughts on “Re-made – Alex Scarrow

  1. This book, even though it was incredibly gruesome, had a gripping storyline, with emotional chapters and disturbing sections. The characters are multi-dimensional and we establish a dynamic connection to them, and feel involved in the storyline, even though we would hate to be in their world.

  2. This book was gripping and powerful. The way that the author made the reader connect emotionally with each character before the virus struck – then they were dead, gone, just like that – was brilliantly written and amazing!

  3. Re-made was an interesting and captivating book which I thoroughly enjoyed and I would gladly read the sequel. Unlike most apocalyptic storylines, the plot wasn’t all over the place and the gory/violent scenes didn’t seem tacky. More than anything, the descriptive scenes of how the virus worked made it even better and increasingly realistic.
    The writer did an excellent job of creating relationships both between the characters in the book and between the characters and the reader, which is probably why I enjoyed reading it so much. There were parts that were unexpected (for example a character you’d grown to like dying) and that made the whole process more edgy.
    All in all, this book was an amazingly realistic and well-written story and came as a pleasant surprise.

  4. This book has a fast-paced, horror storyline. The well thought out plot sprinkled with some rather graphic, but enticing, detail. I enjoyed the relationships between the characters in this book despite the fact the author was killing them off, which generally puts me off novels, but rather lead me on as it made me wonder how the characters would react to their changing relations.

  5. Well, what can I say about RE-MADE? It is unlike any book I have ever read and it contained so many emotions! The reader always feels a connection to any character in the book, even ones we know next to nothing about. By the end of the book, I almost felt as if I was one of them, suspicious at every new creature that appeared. The deaths of some of the main characters were so, so sad and a couple actually reduced me to tears! I absolutely LOVE this book and will, undoubtedly, read it again.

  6. Re-made was an interesting and captivating book which I thoroughly enjoyed. Unlike most apocalyptic stories I’ve read, the plot wasn’t all over the place and the gory/violent scenes didn’t appear tacky in any way. The scenes describing how the virus worked increased the realism.
    The main reason I enjoyed this book is the way the author created relationships, both between characters in the book and between the characters and the reader. There was so much that was unexpected and this made the whole story compelling to read.
    All in all, this book was an amazingly realistic and well-written story and I would gladly read the sequel.

  7. I think Remade is my favourite book because it kept me guessing what would happen all the way through and I have never read another book like this, which is why I really like it.

  8. Re-Made is the type of book where you can’t stop wondering and making wild guesses about what is going to happen. People turn out to be not quite what you thought because they really are the virus. The way that the author wrote about the characters made me feel attached to them and I was in a constant state of stress in case they got the virus. At some points of the book I was in complete shock at the events unfolding and wondered just how it was all going to end, although I did somehow anticipate one event near the end. However, I loved this exciting book and I hope the sequel is just as fast paced.

  9. Have you ever read an apocalyptic book about a virus that can reconstruct the world you know? If not, then Re-made is the book for you. Beautifully written and fast paced, this story keeps you on the edge of your seat by killing off the characters you have formed emotional links with…. all of them! I thought this element added to the story because I couldn’t believe that the author would or could keep it up!
    I really enjoyed this book – I’ve got lots of ideas about what could happen next and I can’t wait for the sequel!

  10. This book was really enjoyable. There were some gory moments, which I didn’t like as much, but overall, the storyline was amazing. There were unexpected events and different perspectives, which really helped to know more about the characters. I would definitely recommend this book.

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