Book of Lies – Teri Terry

Tell a lie and the darkness will find you.
Quinn and Piper are twins, but they’ve never met. A tragic event brings
them together, and draws them into a family curse that stretches across centuries.
One twin can command the darkness; the other could hold the key to breaking the curse.
But when lies become truth and truth looks like lies, who can you believe?

Don’t miss this startling new book from Teri Terry, queen of the YA psychological thriller!

They are trapped, frozen. Waiting. Straining against the wood that holds them. The unwary catch a glimpse now and then – feel their desperate hunger, see a glint of red eyes – and scurry out of the shadows of the wood, back to the light.
She’s coming; it will be soon.
They will run free on the moors again. The Hunt will return.
And the ground will run with blood.

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About the author
Teri Terry has lived in France, Canada, Australia and England at more addresses than she can count, acquiring four degrees, a selection of passports, and a silly name along the way. Past careers have included scientist, lawyer, optometrist, and, in England, various jobs in schools, libraries, and an audiobook charity. The footpaths and canal ways of the Buckinghamshire Chilterns where she now lives inspired much of the setting of her YA trilogy of futuristic thrillers – Slated,Fractured, and Shattered.

Teri Terry is also the author the award-winning Mind Games and Book of Lies. Her books have been translated into twelve languages and won prizes at home and abroad – including the NE Teen Book Award!!

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Interview with the author

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11 thoughts on “Book of Lies – Teri Terry

  1. In my opinion the Book of Lies had no faults. It was a great fantasy/psychological thriller and one of the best books I have ever read. I loved it so much because although the plot is complex it was easy to follow and flowed nicely. The beginning of this book was great – it got right into the action! I thought that the idea of two twins living away from each other all their life with one being good, one being bad, was pure brilliance, and have never read a book like it!

  2. This book by Teri Terry is a gripping tale of twins reunited after being separated for most of their childhoods. We are tactfully misled for most of the book, so when the truth is finally revealed near to the end, it is completely different to what we expect to happen. This story is very well written and has many different and interesting aspects to it, all coming together to form a well- constructed book.

    This book was incredible! The storyline, which was very enticing, mixed with the secretive lives of Quinn and Piper made for a stunning story. The subtle hints at the curse mentioned in the blurb also manages to create suspense throughout, as well as the sudden plot twists. I definitely could never have predicted the thrilling ending! I would definitely recommend this book.

  3. I really enjoyed this book. It was very surprising and exciting with lots of unexpected elements in it which added to my enjoyment. I loved how one twin was ‘good’ and one twin was ’bad’ and I felt like this added to the suspense.

  4. Book of Lies isn’t the type of book that I would normally read but I thought that it was very good. I really enjoyed the ending and the way that everything was tied up. I liked the way that the author dropped in hints all the way through the book, so you could work out which was the good twin and which was the bad one. I thought that parts of the story were a bit slow but even then there was always something that I didn’t expect and this helped to keep me interested.

  5. I loved it. I was the characters and I felt the emotions.
    The plot was perfect and the story didn’t end, even after the book finished.

  6. I adored the plot of this book. It was exciting and left lots of unanswered questions hanging throughout. However, I didn’t take a liking to any of the characters especially not to Quinn or Piper who I felt were a bit shallow and without personality. Still the story line was magical overall.

  7. I have been trying to sum this incredible book up in one word, but it is impossible. Book of Lies is a complex, riveting plot with a chilling, haunting back-story and complex characters. At the end of every chapter, I would be left with questions, forcing me to read on. I thought the story was paced perfectly and my attention hardly ever drifted. At some points, I found myself wondering how the plot could be resolved but the ending was flawless. I am now motivated to read everything that Teri Terry has written and I can’t wait to do so!

  8. The Book of Lies was a mind bending, thrilling fiction which gripped me increasingly the more I read. I found the way that the writer switched rapidly between the twins rather odd at first but, as I continued to read, I came to appreciate this technique and felt it contributed a great deal to my enjoyment.
    Quinn and Piper were very interesting characters. At first you assume the plot will be straightforward with one good and one bad twin but, as more is revealed, it becomes obvious that things are much more complicated than that and I liked picking up on these clues along the way.
    All in all, the plot, characters and writing style contributed to a great book and I would gladly read another by Teri Terry.

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, which combined fantasy with a psychological element and a little romance. It was full of mystery and had lots of game-changing twists and turns. I liked the idea of the good and evil in each of us being separated in the two twins but both having choice in the direction they would take. The end wrapped things up neatly and completed a very satisfyingly book.

  10. I liked how this book was written and that the author switched between sisters every chapter so that I could see events from different points of view. I also liked the way the author built in a twist about the twins from the very beginning. I liked watching Quin come out of her shell as she got to know and developed her relationship with her twin, Piper. I was able to guess at some things but, overall, this was a really good book.

  11. I really enjoyed Book of Lies. I found that despite the plot’s many twists and turns the story came together at the end. I would recommend this book to 9+ as the style of writing uses many interesting words that younger children might find difficult. What I found most interesting about the book is that it had the means to be the start of a series yet Teri Terry chose to make it one book, however as I said earlier everything did come together perfectly in the end, so I have no complaints.

    Imagine how weird it would be to look in the mirror and see your reflection come to life; see this person standing in front of you, looking identical and speaking identically to you. And then imagine the emotions you would feel to have this situation suddenly spring up on you in the real world: confusion, excitement, anger, jealousy, pain, happiness…the list goes on. But if you look and speak the same, it doesn’t mean that you are the same person. Your personalities differ; your way of thinking differs; your lives do actually differ. In “The Book of Lies”, you really don’t know what will come next- you’d think that it’s just about the struggles of having a dead mother and the struggles of suddenly having an identical twin- but there’s actually so much more; so much more that it’s the definition of thrilling, combining its battles with love and manipulation and suddenly realising the magic that you are surrounded in. “The Book of Lies” is witchcraft: it is impressive, unpredictable and out of this world.

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