Running Girl – Simon Mason


Meet Garvie Smith. Highest IQ ever recorded at Marsh Academy. Lowest ever grades. What’s the point? Life sucks. Nothing surprising ever happens.Until Chloe Dow’s body is pulled from a pond. His ex-girlfriend.DI Singh is already on the case. Ambitious, uptight, methodical – he’s determined to solve the mystery – and get promoted. He doesn’t need any ‘assistance’ from notorious slacker, Smith. Or does he?

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13 thoughts on “Running Girl – Simon Mason

  1. I enjoyed the book but It wasn’t one of my favourite books out of them all. I would recommend it to people who like mystery books. I like plots but this went onto being a cliff-hanger. I actually want to know what happens next.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this murder mystery book; the mystery element was terrific with some surprising twists and an exciting resolution. I really liked the way Garvie’s character was written as he was charming and troubling at the same time as well as solving a murder mystery case. Garvie’s brain works in a different way to everyone else’s especially when he picks up on clues no one else notices. Overall I found this book very exciting and can’t wait until the next one comes out!

    I don’t have much to say about Running Girl – it was one of the longest reads and yet one of the most exciting. I loved the age-old contrast between Garvie and DI Singh, but it had a fresh new twist on it which allowed for the DI (whom I was rooting for) to not always be below Garvie. He was truly ambitious and uptight but I couldn’t imagine his character in any other way. He is equal to Garvie, they just have slightly different approaches, and they both are quite emotionless which I found to close the gap between not only their ages but different personality types.
    This is one of my highest rated books and I really enjoyed reading it.

    This was definitely one of my favourites from the selection! Running Girl was written so well with such intricate and intriguing characters, and of course a plot just kept giving.

    This was not the usual book I would pick up and I found it hard to get into but it was a very fast paced murder mystery that kept you guessing till the end. The characters fit in very well to the plot however I found it hard to follow Garvie’s thoughts as the book went on. I enjoyed reading how the relationship between Singh and Garvie developed throughout the book as they were very interesting characters. Overall I think the book was enthralling and would recommend it to anyone who loves a mystery!

  3. Running Girl is the story of a young aspiring detective-of-sorts named Garvie Smith, who takes it upon himself to investigate the murder of a fellow classmate, Chloe Dow. This pursuit leads him into many bizarre situations, which he uses his charm and genius-like intelligence to get out of. Throughout reading this book, I found myself constantly trying to work out the culprit; always creating new theories, just to change my mind minutes later at the next exciting development. I think that every teenager can relate to an element of Garvie’s lively character, which made this book a joy to read.

  4. Thorp RIOT Readers – This is by far my favourite book on the shortlist so far. I love Garvie as he is so unique and determined not to be pushed into anything he doesn’t want to do, because people around him think he should act a certain way which reflects his intelligence. I feel for his Mum because she only wants what is best for him but I think Garvie grows up a lot by the end of the book. I absolutely loved the way the relationship between Garvie and Singh develops as the murder case unfolds. Beth

  5. This book is incredible. It has a wonderfully different style of writing, great characters with great character development and a gripping plot line, which all combine together for a satisfyingly immersive read. I’m looking forward to reading the next instalment and I highly recommend Running Girl for anybody who is a lover of a good mystery.

    This crime investigation was undoubtedly cleverly crafted with fast-paced action revealed steadily throughout the novel, teasing the reader, but most importantly keeping the reader entertained. Unfortunately, although the way in which it was written was extremely skilled, and once I had started reading it, I was reluctant to put it down, the plot wasn’t suited to my taste. I often found myself arguing as to whether I actually liked the lead character as at times he irritated me, while in other parts of the novel I understood his point of view and felt a sense of pity for him. I enjoyed getting to know Garvie Smith and admired his sharpness and his ability to draw up subtle clues from events and jigsaw them together so quickly, but I didn’t enjoy digging up the crime that was on hand and I found it ‘spooky’ – never the less, I frequently tried to predict who the murderer was, only to find that I had always suspected the wrong person. I recommend this novel to all lovers of the crime and detective genre but I particularly think that male teenagers would find this novel really enticing since this novel has such action-packed pages that it would be hard to resist.

    3 stars out of 5
    I think the book Running Girl by Simon Mason had a really good concept- I liked the murder-mystery and crime theme. I also liked all the unexpected twists and turns throughout it and the action scenes were well written. The only thing I would say which could have been improved is the main character – Garvie – as I found it quite difficult to connect with him and his feelings. But I think his character fits well with the story and I would say this book is worth reading.

    4.5/5 stars
    I thought Running Girl was a really interesting book with an unpredictable and captivating plot. I’ve only ever read one other mystery novel but this style was totally different. The author keeps you guessing right to the end, dropping hints along the way, as if you are like Garvie, constantly trying to solve the puzzle. I really liked the character Garvie as he definitely reminded me of a young, charismatic Sherlock and I think the setting is really relevant to the target audience. Although you have to be patient to read this book, I would recommend people who, like me, haven’t read many mysteries to try it.

    I loved the book Running Girl. I thought that the plot was very interesting and it made you think hard about what was going to happen next. One of the reasons that I enjoyed this book is because I love mystery stories that let you work out the ending if you think hard. I tried to work out the ending and I made a few successful guesses along the way. The story was a bit more spooky than I had imagined, but I didn’t mind as this just added to the tension and atmosphere I felt when reading the book. I know that I enjoyed the book because I stayed up until 2am to start and finish it in one night. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a crime, mystery or adventure novel.

    I would never normally pick up a detective novel but I am so glad I did. I read Running Girl in a total of two days as I simply couldn’t put it down. I loved the mystery, the red herrings and all the characters! DI Singh and Garvie Smith have such an interesting relationship; Singh tried so hard to keep Garvie safely off the case but in the end they developed an understanding based on mutual respect and confidence in each other’s abilities. I loved how this book kept me guessing the killer but I am proud to say that I knew exactly who it was from very early on in the book even if new evidence made me doubt it! Running Girl is an incredibly well written book with surprises around every corner and it kept me compelled to read it right to the very last page. I have only read one other detective story but I think that this one is one of the best! I would recommend this to teenagers and adults alike as it is a superb crime thriller that keeps your heart pounding through every page.

    I thought that this crime novel was brilliant, even though I’m not usually into these sorts of books. It had clever twists and turns which kept you guessing right until the end. I liked how everything took a sudden turn, several times making you rethink things over and over again as the story went on.
    However I struggled to connect with the main character, Garvie Smith, as he was sometimes irritating and hard to warm up to. Although in the last few chapters you do get to know and understand him more.
    Even though the book wasn’t fully for me, overall I would say it’s a good book.
    3 stars out of 5

    I thought this was a riveting read full of fast-paced, action-packed drama and intensity. It was very cleverly written with lots of twists and turns which kept us guessing right until the end. I liked how everything was turned on its head several times and being made to rethink things over and over again as the story went on. I however have mixed views on this book as I did find it increasingly difficult as I read on to connect with the main character, Garvie. I did however like this book.

    I loved the character Garvie and his whole Sherlock Holmes type build. Unfortunately I am too curious for detective novels as I just want a straight answer right away! However, that being said, by the end of the book I was really enjoying it; the only problem being that when it did come to a close I was wanting more! The detective inspector Singh annoyed me as I just wanted him to ask Garvie for help! But overall I found it an enjoyable read.
    3.5 stars out of 5

  6. I thought Garvie Smith was arrogant, rude and thoughtless but disliking the central teenage characters didn’t stop me from enjoying the book! It didn’t take long before I was hooked by the plot twists and I didn’t guess the murderer until the last moment. I found it impossible to connect with Garvie and his drop out friends but DI Singh is a wonderful character and I really cared about him. I’m looking forward to seeing how he develops in the sequel.

  7. I really enjoyed this book, especially the continuous twists and turns in the plot that helped me rule out different suspects. Garvie himself was not easy to empathize with and I struggled to believe in him as a person. Who would turn down an opportunity of moving to Barbados?? What intelligent person drinks, smokes and doesn’t care about the grades he gets? He was too arrogant, too curious and too obsessed for me but I did like D.I. Singh, who developed as a rounded and interesting character. Perhaps Garvie will get nicer in the next book. I’m looking forward to it!

  8. I thought this was an interesting and enjoyable story. The character Garvie Smith was obviously inspired by Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes as he was hard to like but easy to admire for his IQ and bravery.

  9. This story didn’t grab my interest at first but, eventually, the unfolding plot drew me in. I was continually led to different conclusions only to find I was wrong as the plot twisted again. It really made me think. I was desperate to find out the identity of the murderer by the end and I just wouldn’t stop reading until I knew! I loved the way that more and more information was slowly revealed as the plot unravelled. The way Simon Mason planned this story and developed his amazing characters made it really gripping. I hope we won’t have to wait long for the next book!

  10. I was really impressed by the plot twists which kept me guessing throughout the story. Basically, when his ex-girlfriend is found dead, arrogant teenage high school dropout Garvie Smith decides he is the best person to solve the case. School work doesn’t interest him but outsmarting the police is worth some effort. I think Garvie is a great character and I’m really glad that this excellent story is the first of a series! I loved it!

  11. I don’t normally like detective mysteries but ‘Running Girl’ was amazing. I thought that I could see where the plot was heading but then it changed course. As soon as I predicted the ending, there would be another plot twist and my entire perspective would shift again. C.I Singh was a great character that I couldn’t help empathizing with. Garvie was so stubborn, arrogant and exasperatingly right and Singh, in contrast, had everything stacked against him. The way Garvie’s mother was written, always being worried about or irritated with Garvie (for good reason) was so believable I could feel her frustration. This story had all the elements of a traditional old fashioned detective story – plodding policeman, intelligent and unlikely amateur detective and the murderer only revealed right at the end with no real clues for us to guess his identity – but the characters felt original and kept me hooked. I really enjoyed it!

  12. Running Girl was a great book but one in places I found hard to follow. Although it kept me on the edge of my seat and up late reading, I felt it just wasn’t believable. I think the police really wouldn’t have allowed Garvie that much access to the case. I also found the idea that Garvie had so much intelligence but wouldn’t use it at school hard to believe. This is a very gripping book, and I’m probably going to read the sequels to find out how Singh develops because I like him as a character, but I’m not at all sure about Garvie Smith!

  13. I did find this book hard to get into but once I had, I was gripped. All of the characters in Running Girl are amazing and are probably the book’s best feature! I loved the complicated plot and I never suspected the murderer because of his perfect alibi. It’s obvious that a lot of time and thought went into the book to make it all work out properly. This is an amazing book. I loved it!

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