She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

Laureth Peak’s father is a writer. For years he’s been trying, and failing, to write a novel about coincidence.


His wife thinks he’s obsessed, Laureth thinks he’s on the verge of a breakdown. He’s supposed to be doing research in Austria, so when his notebook shows up in New York, Laureth knows something is wrong.
On impulse she steals her mother’s credit card and heads for the States, taking her strange little brother Benjamin with her. Reunited with the notebook, they begin to follow clues inside, trying to find their wayward father. Ahead lie challenges and threats, all of which are that much tougher for Laureth than they would be for any other 16 year old. Because Laureth Peak is blind.
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The hidden numbers of She Is Not Invisible

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24 thoughts on “She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

  1. I enjoyed this book very much. I thought the writing style was unique and some of the chapters really made me think hard. However, I felt a bit let down by the ending. I was guessing all the way through the book that the dad’s disappearance was due to his research on coincidence and I was expecting it to end in a big climax. Apart from this, I really enjoyed it.

  2. This book is one of my favourites because there were so many things going on. I found the idea of coincidence and miracles thrilling. The suspense near the end of the book was page-turning!

  3. I enjoyed this book. The author managed just the right amount of action to keep me interested and I was totally convinced by Laureth and the way she coped. However, I did think the ending was rather abrupt. Everything was sorted out in great detail like a series of entries in a diary and I didn’t think this fitted in with the style of the rest of the book.

  4. We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book because it was extremely thought provoking. Even though we can only imagine what it would have been like for Laureth, Marcus Sedgwick allowed us to have a glimpse into her life. We especially enjoyed Laureth’s relationship with Benjamin and how he helped her through all of their adventures throughout the book. It was definitely one of our favourite books from the short list.

  5. Sidra says:
    This is one of my favourite books, not only because of the clever idea of the first words in each chapter making out a hidden message, but also because of the plot in the story. I read this book in one go and the reason for that was because I was so intrigued to find out what happened next. It was one of those books that you can’t put down and it has nothing to do with anti-gravity.

    Issy says:

    I was always confused by this book, but in the best possible way. The book had an odd sort of charm that kept me puzzled but fully engaged. I loved the characters, especially Benjamin, and how, although their situation is completely unimaginable, their feelings and actions seem perfectly relatable. I was slightly annoyed when I finished the book then realised – I had to crack a code! But other than that the curious ideas led me to some DEEP internal debates!

    Olivia says:

    This book will probably forever be classed with the rest of my all-time favourite standalones. The book’s premise was so independent in itself and unexpected. The incorporation of the number 354 was very clever as it was a topic in the book that was well hidden and not seen until the climax of the book when coincidences become like fate. Every aspect of this book was cleverly planned and has definitely inspired me to read other books by Marcus Sedgwick.

  6. This book was very good. From the beginning it got me gripped and I couldn’t put the book down. I tried to work out the clues before I continued to read the next part of the book. I loved how Laureth was a brave character and was the best character in my eyes. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves books

  7. I found this book quite a challenging read but I enjoyed it very much. I especially liked seeing things from a blind person’s point of view, which was really interesting and the hidden message rounded it all off perfectly.

  8. I really enjoyed this book. I loved how the author highlighted the difficulties caused by Laureth’s blindness, issues I’d never even considered. I also loved the range of quirky characters, such as Benjamin and Michael Walker who finds their dad’s diary. I found the diary really interesting too and went and did a little bit of research about the people he mentions, espcially Edgar Allan Poe, as I wanted to find out more about their life and the role they played in the story.

    I would be very pleased if this book won the award as this is my favourite on the shortlist.

  9. This book was very interesting, and the idea of coincidence and numbers was intriguing, and the characters were fun to read about- especially Benjamin and Stan the Raven! Although the idea was very interesting, and the hidden numbers through the entire book was extremely clever and well planned, I couldn’t help but find the ending slightly disappointing. All of the build-up and mystery about the coincidences and presumed murders seemed to taper out towards the end when it was found out that their Father had just had his belongings stolen, which I found to be a fairly mediocre ending compared to the majority of the book.

  10. I enjoyed this book! I loved how Benjamin had the problem where whenever he would took technology it would stop working. Especially, when they would most need it…Laurenth’s phone for example. This book is very different in the fact that Laurenth is blind and you have to read in between the lines at the beginning to find this out.

  11. This book is the best. I love it! I think this is because problem follows problem and there’s a lot of action. I liked the way Benjamin helped Laureth get round her disability without fussing. I thought drip feeding us clues via the black book – so we could work out the problems at the same time as Laureth and realise that her father might have been driven to suicide just like so many other well-known people who researched coincidence – was very clever.
    The other clever thing is arranging for the first word of each chapter to make a message that sums up the story.

  12. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and loved Benjamin, as he was such a brave, mature, understanding little brother who went on a wild hunt for his and his sister Laureth’s dad in New York! I found all the theories about coincidence mind boggling and intriguing, and they all made me confused as I didn’t understand what situation the father was in, which made me really surprised with the ending. I definitely was not expecting that!

  13. This is a very well written book with a great plot but I’d like it to have been longer. There was so much action at the end then, suddenly, happy ever after. It just didn’t do it for me.
    I really liked putting together the hidden message though and thinking about what it had to say about Laureth and our sometimes thoughtless attitudes to disability.

  14. I thought this book was good because it made me think about things I take for granted and helped me see things from a different perspective. It was an exciting story too.

  15. I really liked this book; it has such a good story line. I thought the way the author hid a secret message that summed up the story from Laureth’s perspective was really clever.

  16. When sixteen year old Laureth realises that something dreadful must have happened to her father, she decides to go looking for him. There are problems, though. One, she has good reason to believe he’s in America; two, she has a disability that makes travelling alone rather tricky and three, she can’t leave her 6 year old brother on his own.
    The author drops lots of hints about the disability but doesn’t actually state what it is until Laureth and Ben try to get through airport security. It was really interesting to see situations from her point of view.
    I liked the way the plot was structured around coincidences and the number 354. It made it increasingly chilling. I also liked the funny bits – the way Laureth got her name and the ‘Benjamin effect’ which got them out of trouble several times.
    This is a brilliant book.

  17. I really loved this book because it was so exciting but so believable. It was hard to put down and I would definitely read it again. I thought it was clever that the author didn’t tell us right away that Laureth was blind because it makes us see her as a person and not as a handicap.
    I thought the diary entries were clever but I found myself skimming them after a while. There was a bit too much about coincidence for me.

  18. This book is definitely one of my favourites so far! It is so interesting with not only a fantastic plot but with the theory on coincidence- it really did mess with my mind. My favourite character was definitely Benjamin because he was the cutest little 7 year old with just so much mature and independent. I especially liked the ending as it left me hanging off my seat while reading it, the fact that Laureth was blind just added to all the suspense in my opinion. The secret message hidden which we find out about at the end of the book made this book especially amazing and different. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it!

  19. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, especially all the encounters and difficulties experienced by Laureth and Benjamin when they get to New York and start searching for their dad. I really liked Benjamin and the way he saved the day on several occasions with his unfortunate effect on electronic gadgets. I thought the diary entries spaced through the story were a clever way of revealing the personality of the dad and making us care about finding him as much as the children did. I was a bit disappointed with the ending because I didn’t expect it to be so ‘happy ever after’ but I suppose it tied up all the loose ends.

  20. I really enjoyed this book. I think all the characters are totally believable, even Benjamin who is definitely my favourite. As I was so curious about his disastrous effect on electronic devices, I did some research of my own. People like Benjamin are called ‘high voltage people’ and have a lot of energy inside them. I’ll upload my research if you’re interested. I had seen this book in hardback and assumed that it was a sort of Gothic Jane Austen novel so I didn’t bother to pick it up. The watery Gothic font and demure Victorian silhouette were very misleading. The paperback cover sells the story better in my opinion.

  21. I loved this book because the characters were so interesting and described so vividly and the pace kept accelerating right upto the end. The way the diary snippets kept leading you into believing things which turned out to be wrong was really clever! I liked all the different themes: humour, detective, disability and romance. This book had everything.

  22. I wanted to keep reading this book and not put it down until I’d finished it. I liked picking up the clues to Laureth’s differentness rather than just being told about her disability and The Benjamin Effect made the story funny. I liked the way different parts of Laureth’s dad’s notebook were revealed as the plot unfolded and how they started to suggested his state of mind. I liked seeing the world from Laureth’s point of view. It really made me think.

  23. I loved this book – It was not what I expected but it was so interesting and fast to read. Laureth was so brave and determined which made her a very good character but I loved Benjamin the most as he was very funny and such a typical little boy. The most intriguing thing about the story was the theories on coincidences which gave it mystery and suspense, wondering what had happened to their Father and whether he had been hurt or worse. Definitely one to read!

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