Allies & Assassins by Justin Somper

They killed his brother. Now they’re coming for him. . .


As the second prince of Archenfield, Jared never asked to be more than the spare. But behind the walls of the castle is a dark and dangerous court where murder and intrigue are never far below the surface.
Now his older brother is dead. The kingdom is his. And the target is on his back. Can he find the assassin before the assassin finds him?

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17 thoughts on “Allies & Assassins by Justin Somper

  1. Victoria says:
    Allies and Assassins was an interesting read. I thought it was a little confusing at the beginning because there were so many characters all with different jobs in the book. I understand that this is very important to the story because they all have their own role to the plot. It helped to have the chart in the back of the book to help the reader to see who each character was and what they did.

    Olivia says:
    I expected this book to be a fantasy, however it surprised me and turned out to be more of a mystery in my opinion. The story was good although rather twisted and I felt as though it was rather predictable at a certain point.

  2. I really enjoyed this book and how it started off with one issue-finding out the murderer of prince Anders, but then developing so that it ended with a whole new problem that was unexpected. The only thing that I found a bit annoying was that there were lots of characters, which made me forget who someone was, but overall I really found this book interesting, because as soon as I thought I knew who the culprit was it would change into someone else’s POV, changing my decision entirely.

  3. We really enjoyed Allies of Assassins because Justin Somper created some really interesting and complicated characters. There was a twist in every chapter and although it was frustrating when your idea of how the book would end was turned upside down, it kept you interested throughout the book. However we felt that there were too many different characters with too many names so it was slightly confusing. Overall we found it was very interesting and enjoyable! Thank you.

  4. This was a really interesting book to read, Definitely one of my favourites! I loved the plot, and how it kept you guessing about the identity of the assassin; there were so many candidates! I loved Asta’s personality, and I thought that all of the characters were very well developed, and the ending was a surprise- I didn’t suspect it at the start. Overall, I find it hard to find fault in this book, very enjoyable!

  5. Mueerah says:
    For me this book was pretty hard to get into but once I did, it took me through an amazing mystery. The plot was very creative with some interesting characters in it

  6. This is, no doubt, my favourite book of the group. I felt the plot was a little dry at the beginning of the novel but it quickly drew me in, leading me on a whirlwind of mystery, action, and romance. The plot twists surprised me and the suspense kept me glued to my seat. I felt a great ability to connect and understand the emotions of the main characters, Jared and Asta. It was an incredible novel of which I recommend highly to those who love a good mystery!

  7. I was disappointed by this book. The cover and title promised intrigue and action but the style just didn’t deliver. I thought the author took far too long describing each character at the start when I’d have preferred to get into the story and learn about each one as they appeared. I couldn’t believe in the characters either. They seemed too perfect or over the top.
    Axel, however, is interesting. He’s portrayed as almost perfect but, underneath, he’s a dark character and I think he’ll become more and more important as the series unfolds.

  8. I liked this book and even though it was predictable, the plot was good and the story well written. I can’t wait for the sequel to find out what happens next and to see if the spark of friendship blossoms into something more…

  9. This story was really gripping, once I’d got into it. That was the problem: too many characters were introduced at the beginning to grab my interest straight off. Of all these characters, Silva has stayed with me – perhaps because she held such promise and met such a ruthless end. The ending came as a tremendous surprise to me. I was shocked when I discovered the identity of the assassin. I wouldn’t normally go for this type of genre but I loved it and will look out for the next installment of the story.

  10. I really liked the characters in this book, especially Asta because of her perseverance and cheery personality, but I do think there are rather too many of them and this leads to confusion in places.
    I enjoyed following Asta as she tried to track down the culprit but was vaguely irritated that her efforts, which kept the book going, came to nothing. The identity of the murderer came as no surprise to me but I’m quite interested to find out what will happen next.

  11. This was my second last choice to read from the list as it is not really my genre and it didn’t really appeal to me. I found after reading the first few chapters that I was pleased to be proven wrong and also very reluctant to put it down for any length of time because it was so good! I loved the feel of the story – castles and Princes and the royal court but with a very modern feel to it with a dark undertone which kept me reading frantically until the very last page. My favourite characters – Asta because I loved her honesty, courage, quick mind and feisty nature. Jared because although he is in no way ready for the huge responsibility thrust upon him at such an early age, he steps up and does what needs to be done, putting his trust in Asta completely and by the end of the book you find it hard to remember that he is only 16. Elias because even though he is quite abrupt at the start of the story especially with Asta and comes across as a bit superior, he is honest and fair and helps Jared and Asta by believing in what they tell him, even though it proves he was initially wrong. Morgan because he is quite sinister but also intelligent and witty and I liked him straight away. I did not like Silva as I found her vain and weak, Vera because she came across as shrill and common and the person I disliked the most was Axel because I felt that he was a power-hungry, spoiled brat who in my opinion didn’t seem worthy of Jared’s trust in any way. The story took off from the very start and has enough intrigue, violence, mystery and a touch of romance which makes you root for your favourite characters right through the story. I am seriously looking forward to the next book and hope it is just as enjoyable as this was. I will recommend this over and over especially to my readers who love an excellent historical mystery!

  12. I thought this book was rather slow at first but once I’d got absorbed into the story I began to enjoy it. I liked the way we are led to different conclusions but in the end it’s obvious who the murderer is and we don’t have to wait until the next book to find out.

  13. I loved this book from the moment I started reading it. I found the action and suspense exhilarating. When you discover that the killer had to have been close to Prince Anders, you pretty much guess who it must be but that doesn’t spoil things. It’s just the beginning to the rest of the series. There is a high body count and some of the deaths are really sad but they just contribute to the suspense. I liked the way the story is set in a parallel world, probably in the past but with modern language and logic that makes it a fantastically good whodunnit.

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