The Savages by Matt Whyman

What happens when the teenage daughter from a family with extreme tastes in meat-eating starts dating an outspoken vegetarian? Sasha is smitten by Jack, and wishes her parents would approve. For Titus and Angelica, it’s one more challenge in creating a stable home for their brood. While angelic baby Katya is set to cut her teeth, their son struggles at school. Ivan does his best to be accepted, but that’s tough when he’s been secretly raised to become the ultimate hunter gatherer. Welcome to the world of THE SAVAGES – a breed apart from your average household, here’s a darkly delicious treat for anyone who’s ever been embarrassed by their own flesh and blood.

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29 thoughts on “The Savages by Matt Whyman

  1. I found the plot of the Savages confusing and also found it incredibly difficult to get into. There is a difference between an interesting plot with plenty of twists and something that tries so hard to be interesting it is confusing

  2. I thought this was a very good book. I enjoyed the story and would read it again. It was quite an unusual story as I have never read a story like it. I would recommend this book to people who like the horror genre.

  3. i quite enjoyed reading The Savages, it was a good book and I loved it as it could be something that might happen and is gory but kept me reading. I would recommend it to people who like horror books 🙂

  4. The Savages are just like any other ordinary family. The family of six is close knit, secretive, caring and normal in every aspect possible, apart from their choice of food. Yes, as you already might have guessed by reading the blurb, these people are cannibals. But there is not need to worry! This beloved family of ours only eat human meat on special occasions.
    The Savages is a dark comedy novel and despite not being my preferred genre I was surprisingly intrigued to read further on. The novel was an entertaining read and was quite humorous at several parts of the novel. Overall, I felt the novel was exceptionally original and well written. I would definitely recommend The Savages to anyone who would love to take a bite into a darker novel for a change.

    I found The Savages a weird book, but there was something in it that kept me wanting more. Though not usually a fan of dark humour, I felt compelled to turn the pages. My verdict – delicious.

  5. I read The Savages in precisely 2 hours. I got home one day, sat down at my desk and just read.
    At first I hated the family. I am a staunch vegetarian myself and the thought of eating something living disgusts me beyond anything else, let alone eating a human. But I think that this book dealt with the idea exceedingly gently and with utmost care. Another thing which annoyed me at first was that the vegetarian boyfriend is portrayed as some kind of alien species.
    I quickly realised that this family, despite their strange eating habits, were normal. The parents are protective over their children, the grandfather behaves exactly as a grandfather should, the baby isn’t some kind of monstrous species. They love each other and look out for one another. Essentially, they are a good family, though needless to say, they need to review their diet.
    The Savages is a fantastically written book, though slow to start. When I finished, I closed the book and had a good laugh to myself. It is weirdly funny and entertaining.
    All in all, a tasty treat of a book, fit for lovers of literature and food alike.

    This is an intriguing and witty book which raises questions about the morality of what we eat, and just how wrong it is to eat humans if we eat other living things. It is well written and though it creates a strange, unusual atmosphere, seems quite realistic. It links the family’s cannibalism back to siege of Leningrad which made the plot more realistic and more thoughtful than an average story about human-eating monsters. The author makes the family very lovable and relatable, especially the character of Sasha, whose emotions most young people can relate to. Everything else about the family is normal and human – from Ivan’s desire for attention and Sasha’s want for independence, to Angelica’s refuge in shopping, which makes them seem normal and ordinary – just like any other human, despite their eating habits. Despite the fact that they are cannibals, which are usually considered evil, you do not see them as the villains in the story at all, challenging our previous views on cannibals; at some points I even found myself wanting the Savage family to just eat the people trying to find out their secret! The author made the idea of eating humans seem more normal and less repugnant, and made it seem like any other preference of food. The Savages have the same disgust towards vegetarians as we would have towards cannibals, which I found clever. There is quite a good amount of action spaced throughout the book, with dramatic events followed by realistic reactions by the character. I liked how the ending was revealed at the beginning and we knew that the family’s secret would be revealed eventually, and we were left to wonder how, who and when it will be found out. It had a quite good ending, with some mystery about what happened to the Savages, which left it open.

  6. I enjoyed the story line of ‘The Savages’ as it was relatable but had a dark twist. I found the characters interesting and dark humoured. I don’t think I would have normally picked up this book but I didn’t completely dislike it.

  7. ‘The Savages’ was not a book I would have picked out, and as expected I didn’t particularly enjoy the book. It wasn’t hard or boring to read, it just didn’t match the standards of other books I have read in the past nor the other books in the North East book award. The storyline was a bit confusing and I found I couldn’t relate to any of the characters. While some people found this book humorous, I didn’t think it was funny, just strange. ‘The Savages’ wasn’t terrible, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

  8. The Savages was not my favourite book, it is not a genre I would usually choose to read therefore I found it quite difficult to get into. The storyline was both disturbing and strange, however, I would recommend it to those who enjoy dark humour.

  9. I think that the Savages was a very good book and had a good storyline however I did think that the way the characters changed throughout the book was confusing.

  10. I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I thought I would. The whole plot of the book I found interesting as it was a different perspective.

  11. As expected, I found this book a chore to read. The storyline was very confusing and I didn’t find the dark humour very humorous at all. However,saying this, I found the characters interesting thoughout the book

  12. I found the Savages so unusual and weird! I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys dark humour.

  13. This book is brilliant as it has a great twist, dark humour and very well detailed ending. Hope there is a sequel!

  14. Though Pantomine is my favourite this was a close second. The dark and sinister atmosphere propelled by an ethical motion makes this book very compelling indeed.

  15. This book is very original and well written. Whyman doesn’t choose obvious storylines which makes this book so effective. I would hate to think of it as a vegetarian book as our beloved cannibals are chillingly relatable and truly captivating. It is suitable for anyone of any age who has a craving for getting their teeth into a good book.

    I thought this book was strangely compelling and addictive which I found rather strange considering its contents. It makes you question our values as a society and also family ties, blood is thicker than water etc. It does contain some quite twisted ideas; killing people for practical jokes, tenderizing meat and giant foil nappies but what I also found interesting was the idea that human meat is addictive and superior to the meat of other animals, which for all I know could be true but I’m perfectly happy with my diet, thank you very much. On the other hand the Savages are a loving, caring, close knit family who experience all the normal problems that come with life and somehow I was kind of glad they were never seen again. Loving the reference to Shakespeare by the way.

    The Savages is a dark comedy and depending on how squeamish you are, you may say it is horror. Depending how much you study the cover and the first few chapters it soon becomes obvious you are not dealing with your everyday family. They’re cannibals. But don’t worry, they only eat people for special occasions. Passionate meat eater, Titus Savage, is not very impressed when his daughter Sasha Savage announces that she has started to date a vegetarian. And the family’s problems get worse when Vernon English, private investigator, starts to get involved in their personal life.
    The Savages was a very pleasant and fun book to read with likeable characters who have very interesting opinions on food. The only problem I have with the book is that it didn’t have much of a plot and lacked a strong beginning. However, don’t let that put you off. The Savages is very entertaining and if another came out I would definitely read it.
    The Savages is a book which I would recommend to anyone who has a dark sense of humour and maybe that is why I didn’t enjoy as much as other people. I would give this novel a 3/5.

  16. I did not like this book very much, however there were some good parts to it. For me this book had no cliff hangers. I did enjoy the storyline and at some parts it was very interesting.

  17. I really enjoyed this book once I got past the fact that the characters actually ate other humans. However the storyline was excellent and the plot twist was something that I did not expect.

  18. I thought this book was good because it had an interesting blurb and aneye catching cover. The book had exactly everything that said about the blurb like Sasha liking Jack and Jack asking her on a date. It didn’t have much suspense in it to make you interested but as you get to the end unexpected events happen.

  19. This book was amazing and really interesting, very easy to get into, very lovable characters, very funny but rather gruesome.

  20. I thought The Savages was a very unusual book. I think the story line was very unique and strange!

  21. I found the book incredibly witty and full of dark humour. I thought that the concept was well thought out and original and it I liked how all of the characters were very different but they worked together and cooperated as one family unit. My favourite character was Ivan because I liked his sense of humour and thought his character was well thought out. However, I would have preferred a more definitive ending rather than the ambiguity the book ended with.

  22. This was so good. It was an ordinary story, very easy to read but with a dark and sinister undertone building up to a really excellent ending. Very disturbing but great!

  23. I found the Savages a very confusing and difficult book to understand. I found the main story line was very strange and weird.

  24. The Savages is a very confusing book! I found the main story disturbing and did not like the way characters changed throughout!

  25. i thought The Savages was really good, it had some hilarious lines and I loved all the subtle references to food throughout. I think the story was very well planned out because everything added up at the end. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends because I think it appeals to a teenage audience.
    Lizzie Dillon x

  26. I thought the book was an interesting read although it was quite difficult to get into it at the beginning. I don’t usually enjoy this genre of book and I was quite surprised to find out that I actually did enjoy the book, although it was a bit boring in the first chapter. I found the characters very interesting as well as the plot of the book.

  27. I thought this book was very interesting, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed ‘The Savages’ as it is not the genre that I normally read, the characters are great but I did find Ivan quite creepy.

  28. The Savages was a compelling dark tale. The book was extremely gripping and made a good quick read. However, the ending was slightly disappointing, but overall I really enjoyed this book.

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