Blood Tracks by Paula Rawsthorne

Gina is a runner. With her feet pounding the ground and her dad watching, she feels as though she can fly. But when her dad dies in dramatic circumstances, Gina refuses to accept the explanations she is given. Struggling to find the truth, Gina finds herself plunged into a world far removed from the one she has known; a world of lies, crime and betrayal. A world that will make her question everyone and everything around her. And a world she can’t run from.

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24 thoughts on “Blood Tracks by Paula Rawsthorne

  1. Blood Tracks was an enjoyable and interesting book to read and I liked the story plot. However, I thought that at the end of the book everything was revealed too quickly.

  2. I LOVED this book. It’s impossible to put down and is tied up so well. I felt frustrated, desperate, excited and sad all in the space of a few pages. It’s only a good book that can make me laugh and cry in equal measures but this one ticked all the boxes. My hopes are pinned on more from Ms Rawsthorne.

  3. Blood Tracks was a journey into the reality of our world, full of deception and lies. The book follows the story of Gina Wilson, whose father had ‘supposedly’ committed suicide. Everyone believes that this is the truth about his uncertain death – everyone except Gina. Gina is determined to prove that there is some other explanation to her father’s death, as all of the evidence doesn’t seem to be adding up. The defiant protagonist will go to any extent to solve this mystery even if it might lead to her possible death. The mystery itself was quite chilling to read, the interlocking plot reveals very little, leaving you waiting impatiently till the end. Overall, the book was gripping and extremely satisfying to read. The ending of the book, uncovered all the answers to the every single question that I had been storing up since the beginning of the book. Blood Tracks was a book packed full of twists and turns and several un-put-down-able moments. In my opinion it was definitely an intriguing read.

    Blood Tracks is generally well written but it was very predictable. It lacked twists and turns and at no point was I at the edge of my seat. I would only recommend this book to people who are familiar with the genre but don’t expect to be amazed .

    I really liked Blood Tracks for one reason: it was a quite obvious from the start who had killed her father.
    For me, this book wasn’t a ‘who did it?’ book. It was a ‘how did he do it?’ book. I really like mystery novels, but this was a whole different kind of mystery. In fact, it wasn’t a mystery. And that’s what makes Blood Tracks such a fantastic book.
    I, for one, am sick and tired of the usual books that keep you guessing about the identity of the criminal all the way through. This book is different in that it tells you who the murderer is, but keeps you guessing about how and why he did it. You really can identify with Gina, even though she is quite a frustrating heroine at times. And you can feel her frustration throughout the book.
    I could never have anticipated the answer to the ‘how and why?’! It came completely out of the blue!
    With a lovely ending that made me say ‘awww, so cute!’, Blood Tracks is one of those books that you’ll want to read again and again, and every time you read it you’ll find something new – a hint here, a clue there, all contributing to a wonderfully crafted experience in the shoes of a girl, just like you and me, who was forced by circumstance to be a detective.

    This book was good but I didn’t find it particularly memorable. I felt that it was quite slow moving and throughout the book it was obvious who the killer was. However, if you like crime fiction and that sort of thing it was a good book. Although not necessarily a who dunnit kind of book as it is rather obvious there were other elements to the story which were enjoyable to think about for example what was being smuggled. I did like how it was diamonds as I think a lot of stories would settle for smuggling drugs, but the diamonds added a more refreshing feel especially where they were hidden. My favourite part of the book was definitely towards the end where the pace started to pick up a bit more and I did find it became a more compelling read. I did enjoy reading Blood Tracks but it wasn’t a stand out favourite.

  4. I really enjoyed reading Blood Tracks it kept me wanting more, however everything was revealed in the last chapter, which I didn’t like.

  5. I approached Blood Tracks with much scepticism, not only was the cover lacking intrigue, the blurb left little to the imagination. The first half of it was pretty slow and for most of it, I (like seemingly everyone else in the book) believed Gina was just taking her father’s suicide very badly. If this was the author’s intent then she succeeded. But as the tale unravelled I was slightly more gripped, and when we found out the true nature of Declan’s hijinks behind-the-scenes, I audibly exclaimed in satisfaction which to me is the sign of I good book. I feel as though I did not waste my time reading Blood Tracks therefore I am left feeling satisfied and grateful to the author for an appropriately dramatic ending.

    I found this to be a book filled with suspense and mystery. The right amount of plot information is hidden and expertly revealed at the right time, to build up the pace of the story well. The beginning was intriguing, and depicts Gina’s emotions after her father’s supposed suicide extremely well, portraying the shock, grief, emptiness and complete denial well. Gina is determined that there must be some other explanation for her father’s death, and the writing made me think this as well, despite the fact that all the evidence there is shows it could very well be suicide. The author makes only Gina observe the suspect’s behaviour on the day, which makes us doubt the facts we are told through Gina’s eyes as they don’t fit in to the story provided- even though she is right. You get the sense that everything about the circumstances of her father’s death doesn’t quite add up. It shows how the word of successful adults can be easily believed- even when what they are saying, isn’t necessarily true.
    As time goes on and nothing suspicious is discovered, it makes you doubt your first opinions of a conspiracy, and the other characters constantly reinforce that her dad’s death was suicide- everyone but Gina has accepted it. Gina’s behaviour becomes more obsessive, abnormal and defiant, and less like simple determination to find the truth, and bringing a professional doctor into the story, makes you truly wonder whether it is Gina that is wrong and maybe even delusional , her beliefs clouded by grief. It shows how the words of adults are easily believed even when they are not necessarily telling the truth. The author makes you question yourself and you are left wondering if maybe the truth is that her dad did die that way – and that you are just unwilling to accept it because it is such tragic news. When you have been almost convinced that events are what they seem to be, the story becomes more suspicious with hidden secrets, and you are made to wonder throughout the book what is really happening, and doubt characters with secrets. This builds up to a tense climax where the truth is gradually revealed- and I couldn’t put the book down at this bit – the characters’ true personalities come out in a really interesting plot which explains everything. Every small detail makes sense by the end and it is a really good ending which ties things up, but leaves the future slightly uncertain, which is realistic.

  6. I found this book really interesting and it grabbed my full attention. I liked the way the clues and secrets were revealed throughout each one adding a new development to the story. The characters’ emotions and ideas were portrayed really well and it gave me a deeper insight in to the story.

  7. I found Blood Tracks a very interesting book. It was a thriller with crime and a bit of romance too. It shows how different people deal with suicide. Overall the book was a bit slow-paced but it sped up towards the end with an interesting finish.

  8. I think this book was well written and it always left me on the edge of my seat.The way each characters feelings were portrayed through the book made it even more realistic and it was more easy to understand.The way each clue lead to another and unravelled even more secrets was very intriguing and always kept me guessing.Overall it was an awesome book!! 😛

  9. This was okay. I liked Gina and her family and Declan but it wasn’t as good as I thought it was going to be towards the end. It kind of fell flat for me eventually. I thought it was a bit strange that just because one person said he was depressed that no further enquiries were made into Gina’s Dad’s death. If she could find evidence to what Tom had been doing then how could the police not? I really liked Declan and the two ladies he was staying with, they provided some humour to the story. I just couldn’t believe that Gina’s Mum would be so naive when it came to Tom, it got a bit annoying actually. All in all an okay book but not as great as I thought it was going to be as I imagined something a lot darker and more climactic from the blurb. I also didn’t think the “bad guys” were anything to write home about either, I found them to be pretty boring and unstartling. The Savages is still my favourite on this list so far.

  10. I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Blood Tracks’, despite unenthusiastic first impressions. On a visit to a book shop, I probably wouldn’t have chosen this book- the cover makes the book appear boyish and horror story- but I actually found ‘Blood Tracks’ thrilling to read and struggled to put it down to go to sleep! Overall, this is a brilliant book when you get past the dark beginning. Not everyone will love this book, but I believe it is a wonderful book with a great plot and relatable main character.

  11. I really enjoyed this book and felt that it kept me on the edge of my seat and was a good page turner. However I didn’t like how everything was revealed in the last chapter.

  12. This book was very interesting, however the beginning was a bit dark. But it was very intriguing and I would definitely recommend it to my friends!

  13. I really enjoyed this book, a good page turner. I loved the action, adventure and mystery of this book. Gina was a very strong character and many times I was thinking of her as a close friend. I knew what was going to happen the entire time, so maybe it could have had a big twist. Apart from this I loved the book.

  14. Unfortunately, I found that the book dragged and I found the main character overexaggerated and rather bland. I didn’t enjoy reading it and did not find it a page turner.

  15. I found that I didn’t enjoy Blood Tracks as much as the other books I had read. I didn’t think that it was very well planned out as most of the story was crammed into a few chapters near the end of the book which left the rest of it to be unnecessary. I think that the idea of the novel was interesting and had potential however the reality was dull and didn’t leave me wanting more.

  16. A truly rivetting read that had me constantly on the edge of my seat with anticipation. I’m usually not a fan of books written in the third person, however “Blood tracks” really appealed to me with it’s shocking, but relatable story line. It was a thoroughly enjoyable read; it was an incredibly insightful book. Throughout the book, my emotions towards the characters changed considerably and although the book reached a climax, I believe the ending was a bit abrupt and the clues could’ve been let out more gradually. Overall, I really enjoyed the read.

  17. There were a few aspects of this book which I didn’t really understand, aspects such as why she cut her hair. I think that there were a few chapters towards the centre that were fillers as nothing really happened in them, however I liked the overall story line

  18. This book was very compelling so I found it quite hard to put down. I thought the story line was good and the mystery but I, unfortunately, guessed the ending before I reached it. I thought the characters in the book were very well written and I found many of them loveable characters. The blurb and cover of the book gave me the sense that this book would be a much darker story and I’m not sure which would have been better though the story is good as it is. Overall I enjoyed reading this book though.

  19. This book was enjoyable to read. As it was set in the modern day, I found it easier to relate to the main character, whereas in others I have found this more challenging. I loved the mystery story line, which kept urging me to read more and find out the secrets, but unfortunately this never really came. Overall, this was a pleasant book, but was let go and unravelled all too quickly.

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