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Billy is a street urchin, pickpocket and petty thief. Mister Creecher is a monstrous giant of a man who terrifies all he meets. Their relationship begins as pure convenience. But a bond swiftly develops between these two misfits as their bloody journey takes them ever northwards on the trail of their target… Victor Frankenstein.

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Tales of Terror series
The Dead of Winter

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8 thoughts on “Mister Creecher – Chris Priestley

  1. The style of this book reminded me a little of the Darkside series which I love. I really like Chris’ other books as well but this one is my favourite of his so far. I liked the relationship between Billy and Creecher and I liked the twist at the end when you find out who Billy really is. I am not a huge reader of historical novels but I did like this.

  2. Although I don’t usually like horror or gothic books, I thoroughly enjoyed ‘Mister Creecher’ and thought it was a very cleverly composed story. Because Priestley used the well-known characters of Frankenstein and his monster, I immediately felt some familiarity to them but he also reworked the characters and presented them from a different perspective, which was very interesting to read. I was also surprised at how much emotion Priestley included, which was unexpected but added another layer to the complexity of the characters and was also quite refreshing amongst the other darker themes of the book! I thought that the ending was great as it was another shocking twist, and the final realisation that Billy was Bill Sikes brought the book to a satisfying close. Overall, ‘Mister Creecher’ was a really good book although maybe not something I would usually pick up.

    by Emma

    I loved this book about friendship and trust. It was really nice how two ‘people’ who felt as though nothing could possibly go right developed such a lovely connection. I couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out how the journey continued. I loved the suspense when Billy was spying on Frankenstein for Mister Creecher. I found myself holding my breath for Billy! I loved to watch the bond develop but I found it came to an end quite suddenly. The whole journey was beautifully described and I was disappointed when I reached the end so abruptly. However I really did like this book and I loved to follow the relationship between the boy and the monster.

    by Hannah

  3. Although “Mister Creature” is based heavily on Mary Shelly’s “Frankenstein” is still works well as a stand-alone book. You learn about the unglamorous side of the Oliver Twist life through Billy’s eyes.
    Billy is a young orphan who has had to make his own way in life after the death of his mother. When he discovers the seemingly dead Mister Creature on the street he uses him to his full advantage. The relationship between the odd pair is never stable with one or the other getting annoyed every few chapters but they always find their way back to one another, continuing their journey tracking Mister Frankenstein himself.
    But just as Billy seems to find where he wants to be in life an unfortunate series of twists rips Billy’s happiness away from him and turns the once like able Billy into a cold hearted Bill as he and Mister Creature go their separate ways and by the end you are not just wanting to read Shelly’s book to find out what happens to Mister Creature by also discover more about Billy’s future.
    By Lucy

    Out of the six shortlisted books, Mister Creecher is definitely one of my favourites, from beginning to end. Having not read the original Frankenstein book, I was a little unsure if I would understand the plot of this one – but that wasn’t the case at all! In fact this book had me constantly turning its pages, not able to put it down. It’s full of suspense and my favourite part is probably when we learnt the monster’s secret – once you start reading, I can tell you will be itching to know. I would suggest this to anyone who is up for a gothic horror or just anyone who is looking for a good read.
    By Maham

    Frankenstein’s monster has been brought back to life again! This is a sinister book that presents the tale of Frankenstein in a much more modern way, although it is set in 1818. The way in which this book progresses can be referred to as the building up of a great storm (however, patience may be required) I like the fact that the moral or beauty of the book seems to contrast with the ugly truths hidden on the pages. This book is a great challenge to those looking to prove their stance in the world of horror as the accurate, but gory details can be quite testing…
    By Taiba

  4. Good book,boring and slow start however gets more interesting throughout the book. Isn’t the kind of book I would normally read but I would recommend it to people who want a book that will make them think.
    I would rate this book
    *** (out of 5*)

  5. We think that this book was really well written and brought up a lot of interesting issues, but our only criticism is that it made out like it was leading up to something really big (like skyscraper big!) but never got there. 😦

    Gabi + Megan
    The Hermitage Academy

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