Momentum – Saci Lloyd

London, the near future. Energy wars are flaring across the globe – oil prices have
gone crazy, regular power cuts are a daily occurrence. The cruel Kossak soldiers prowl
the streets, keeping the Outsiders – the poor, the disenfranchised – in check. Hunter
is a Citizen: one of the privileged of society, but with his passion for free running and
his rebel friend Leo he cannot help but be fascinated by the Outsiders. So when he
meets Outsider Uma, he is quickly drawn into their world – and into an electrifying and
dangerous race to protect everything they hold dear.


16 thoughts on “Momentum – Saci Lloyd

  1. The book does what it says on the tin. It’s all about momentum. This is one of the most gripping books shortlisted and one of the ones which I enjoyed the most. It gives a futuristic view on London and the worrying thing is that it so easily becomes reality. I loved the characters Hunter and Uma and how two totally different sides of society could come together and that would make them much stronger. I really wish this book could become a series as I think that the ending could have been better if it had explained a bit more what had happened to the characters, but I still think the end part was quite fun to read and was full of action. I would definitely recommend this book to someone who likes action and even if you don’t it’s a fun read anyway!

    By Salma

  2. Sarah says:
    Hunter is a Citizen, and Uma is an Outsider. The Citizens live in nice houses and have relatively nice lives, but the Outsiders live in a close-knit, secretive community in the slums of futuristic London. With energy supplies running low, power, both authoritative and electrical, is only available to the rich. When Hunter and Uma meet, two worlds collide and they find themselves running for their lives, working together to evade the Kossak soldiers….

    This book isn’t a genre I would normally read, but I really liked how it differed from other futuristic books by being more focused on the story than the setting. It was exciting and action-packed, and I really enjoyed it.

  3. Momentum. Fantastic. I love the thought of using free running as an act of rebellion. But what is going to happen with Hunter and Uma I’ve got to know! I cant wait for your next book, I know it’s going to be great.

  4. In a way I agree with you that this book is really realistic as the fuel now will eventually run out and I also thought the technology they use in the future is really cool xx

  5. I really enjoyed this book….I loved how it explained how they had to find the new keeper and I really thought that the new keeper was going to be hunter :L I liked his and Uma relationship but I didn’t enjoy the ending very much :/ I wanted to know what would happen next with them perhaps leaving and if Uma wakes up…….WRITE ANOTHER BOOOOKKKK PLEASEEEE 🙂 love charlie x

  6. I thought the book was hard to get into but then as the chapters went on I found the book to be a bit of a page turner

  7. In the near future London plus the rest of the world faces the problem of a fuel crisis. A small group – the Outsiders – dare to challenge their government and create their own society. When the secrecy and safety of the Outsiders’ group are jeopardised it leads to Outsider Uma and privileged Citizen Hunter to go on a mission, but with the looming threat of the Kossaks (violent soldiers), power cuts and political conflicts it isn’t a smooth journey.
    The messages in Momentum hit home; the messages the book gave were strong and appropriate, especially with the concerns over fuel at the moment. I can easily believe that the world which the story tells of is real, because of the detail, in-depth characters and intense plot. It is easy to see that Saci Lloyd has put a lot of thought into making the ‘future’ in her book seem believable such as the speech, the problems, the conflicts and technology which all come together to make this a realistic tale.
    I did fear towards the end it might get slightly clichéd and I felt at times it did, but I still found the story incredibly gripping at the end. I would highly recommend this book – which, just as its title says, Momentum has captivating fast action and will leave you feeling breathless.

    By Kathryn

    After a relatively slow start, Momentum becomes an exciting, gripping story with an original plot and good characterisation. Although at first it was fairly easy to put down and I didn’t think I liked it, the second half more than makes up for that and means you feel very glad that you didn’t stop reading.
    The ending was, in my opinion, the best part by far, though I felt there was enough left open-ended for more to be written on the story of Hunter, Uma and Leo, who are all very likeable (once you get into the book,) and the dystopian future.
    The plot contains two or three storylines running alongside each other and coming together at times, which adds a lot of tension to the story, as the storylines are always left at crucial moments. Romance, action and suspense are all present, making it appealing to different people.
    Overall, it was a very enjoyable read; apart from some technicalities- there were a few too many exclamation marks, it was confusing to know where things were happening as I’m not familiar with London, the word ‘momentum’ (although probably deliberate) was used a lot- everything was great once you were deep into it.

    By Lauren

  8. I have now finished the book and I found it really easy to get into although at first I could not get into it as I didn’t know what the # meant xxx

  9. Momentum is a book full of tension and action and is a fantastic perspective into the future. It allows the reader to immerse themselves into a gritty and metalic London and has a fantastic cast of characters. Unfortunately this book was not to my taste however I am going to give it a second chance as I thoroughly enjoyed Saci Lloyd’s other works.

  10. I found the start of the really good but after the first couple of chapters I just could not connect with the characters…

  11. this book brings tension into your mind so you wiil never want to let go of it and will read it many time after that

  12. At the beginning the book was pretty good but I found it slightly hard to get my head around as the characters kept changing throughout and only found out which character each chapter is talking about halfway through the chapter.

  13. This book is hard to get into. But once you’re into it there’s never a dull moment. I really like this book. It’s fun and exciting with a unusual peek into the future.

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