The Carbon Diaries 2015

Saci Lloyd

It’s January 1st, 2015, and the UK is the first nation to introduce carbon dioxide rationing, in a drastic bid to combat climate change. As her family spirals out of control, Laura Brown chronicles the first year of rationing with scathing abandon. Will her mother become one with her inner wolf? Will her sister give up her weekends in Ibiza? Does her father love the pig more than her? Can her band the dirty angels make it big? And will Ravi Datta ever notice her?

In these dark days, Laura deals with the issues that really matter: love, floods and pigs.

The Carbon Diaries 2015 is one girl’s drastic bid to stay sane in a world unravelling at the seams.


9 thoughts on “The Carbon Diaries 2015

  1. This is the best book ever! I’m really happy with the sequel too. This epic tale of Laura’s life in London as carbon rationing is introduced is a perfect read for sci fi fans . 5 stars – best book of all time

  2. I love this book. The cover seems boring and dull, but it fits the whole theme of the book. The writing is so realistic, you actually start to think that Laura Brown is an actual person. I think Saci Lloyd is a great writer and I wish her all the best.

  3. This was a really unusual story to read. I didn’t expect much from it but my friends who were also reading this novel said that it was really interesting and I started reading it then and there. I wasn’t sure of it to begin with. It reminded my of an autobiography in a way and thats not the sort of thing I like to read. But I have to admit I really did start getting into this book, and although this was not my favourite in the selection, I really enjoyed reading it.

  4. The title and cover of the book didn’t really appeal to me at first, but the saying ‘Never judge a book by its cover’ really applies to Saci’s book.
    I’m sure many teenagers, and possibly adults, will agree that the cover is not a one that stands out amongst the crowds. However, its the pages inside the covers that count, and these blew me away.

    In 2009, and 2010 we are facing a lot of problems regarding the economy. This book really opened my eyes. 2015 is not that far away, and if we keep doing what we are to the environment, then, who knows? It might happen. It was the fact I felt as if it was 2015 that kept me interested. It was so…normal, that the whole book was plausable. This was by far my favourite book out of the nominees.

  5. This book really opened my eyes to how global warmng can really affect us, also I think who the main character is (an ordinary teenage girl) shows us that what is happening isn’t just in far off countries but right on our doorsteps.

  6. I like how Carbon Diaries is based on how the goverment might react to global warming and the theme is very good. However the the events that took place by the main character weren’t very interesting to me

  7. I agree with Sarah (who i don’t know!) I thought that the subject of the environment which the book was based around was very interesting as it is a topic which is always talked about on the news etc. However I found the main character a very stereotypical teenage figure who doesn’t have a life. This bored me and, therefore , made the book less appealing.
    * * * * *

  8. I thought this book was really thought provoking from the off and brought up some very interesting points about the future. I thik it dealt with current, controversial issues in a way that you can relate to easily and overall I think it is a very successful book. Roll on Carbon Diaries 2017!!

  9. The Carbon diaries is a really exciting and scary book. It is about a normal teenage girl in a world that’s crashing down around her shoulders. A little close to the bone, but this is a great book!

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