Guantanamo Boy

Anna Perera

Khalid, a fifteen-year-old Muslim boy from Rochdale, is abducted from Pakistan while on holiday with his family. He is taken to Guantanamo Bay and held without charge, where his hopes and dreams are crushed under the cruellest of circumstances. An innocent denied his freedom at a time when Western boys are finding theirs, Khalid tries and fails to understand what’s happening to him and cannot fail to be a changed young man.


8 thoughts on “Guantanamo Boy

  1. This novel had potential to be a good read and the beginning of the storyline was easy to follow and kept me interested. However I found that there was no real climax during this novel. I got bored after reading the middle section and I was very confused nearer the end of the book.

  2. I couldn’t really get into this book as it didn’t start till half way through but I liked the emotion in the way it was written.

  3. The beginning of “Guantanamo Boy” had potential, but once it reached the middle…. it went severely downhill. I’d always been curious about Guantanamo Bay, and this only failed to give me the information I required.
    The middle….well, it was like trying to cram an elephant into a lift. Wasn’t going to work. The beginning was nicely paced, and then it suddenly transformed into a huge, almost desperate rush to spoonfeed us information, before it ended very suddenly.
    I have to admit, I was disappointed. This book could have worked so well if it had a better pace.

  4. I would have to agree on the repetitiveness but it was still a good book. I found it horrifying that the possibility is there for the events in the book to happen in real life.

  5. o.k. then, I’ll give it another go but only if it really does end surprisingly. I suppose it’s just not my thing! I just hope it doesn’t trail on again…

  6. I agree on this and it became very repetitive with him only remembering his family and barely any action. I gave up on it after halfway

  7. This book was interesting until half way when he got to the prison and it felt it was dragging on a bit. Although i know that this was due to the need to show the monotony of his life, i haven’t finished this book yet because it lost my interest.

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