Bang, Bang, You’re Dead

Narinder Dhami

It seems like just another day at school – then Mia’s world turns upside down.
School is being evacuated. Rumour has it there’s a gunman in the building. And Mia has a horrible feeling she knows who it is…
Her brother has been acting strangely. He’s been threatening to do something drastic, something frightening, something that cannot be ignored…but just how far will he go?
Mia is determined to find out, but playing cat and mouse with a potential killer is a very dangerous game…


15 thoughts on “Bang, Bang, You’re Dead

  1. This was by far my favourite book. The storyline was so interesting that I couldn’t put it down. Literally! I must have sat up for eight hours straight reading this novel. I was hooked from beginning to end and I really got into the story. And although this is shorter than the average YA novel it packed a lot into it’s pages…it might as well have been the oxford dictionary!

    The characters were easy to relate to and I could really emphasise with Mia and her shy awkward attitude, but I thought that Jamie’s angry distant character was really interesting.

    I loved this book so much I wished there was more to read. I am very privileged to be introducing Narinder Dhami, she is a really talented author.

  2. I’m going to vote for you, I am a north east teenage book award judge. I have also chosen this book to review in class. great book!!

  3. Bang Bang You’re Dead started off well, making the reader sure that he or she knew who the ‘gunman’ was. The middle dragged on, but I suppose this was a good thing, because it unlocked secrets about Jamie and Mia.
    I worked out the end a few chapters before it was revealled, even though I was unsure if I was right or not. The ending was definitely a surprise, and I urge anyone who likes surprises to read this book!

  4. Bang Bang You’re Dead is my favourite book so far. It’s really interesting and has an easy to follow plot but the twist at the end helps to make it a great story

  5. I think Bang Bang your dead is a interesting story because Narinder Dhami shows inagination can be as real as life. I also love the twist at the end and advise you to read it

  6. I really loved this book and especially the main character, Mia, because I liked how she was so independent and determined to stop her brother. The surprising twist at the end was very, very, very good.

  7. This book started off extremely boring since it seemed like an average family with everyday struggles, yet as you read on into the book it starts to become increasingly interesting because of new challenges which result from events from their early life. At the end, I must say it gives the reader a shocking discovery because of events which were totally unexpected.

  8. I liked this book so much I read it in one night. I like the way the plot is interspaced with snippets from Mia’s past. The book is unputdownable and the twist at the end is really good.

  9. I enjoyed this book very much but felt as though it dragged a bit. I really liked the way it kept flashing back to memories though because it made the ending have much more impact!! I completely did not expect the ending :O For this I say well done to Narinder Dhami 🙂

  10. I really liked this book, even though I didn’t expect to. The action was quite exciting and the end was really unexpected. I liked the ‘relationship’ between her and her brother and i loved the way it switched between the events unfolding and past experiences linked to Jamie.

  11. I liked this book it was thrilling , exciting and shocking. When I started to read it I wasn’t interested in it and thought it was boring but as I read on it was getting better and better with each page. I got a shock at the end which I thought was amazing as it brought danger and excitement.

  12. this book was filled to the brim with surprise, and it started boring, but got better, and the ending showed the main character to be mentally disturbed and changed everything you thought you knew and told you it was all wrong, I thought it was amazing

  13. Bang Bang You’re Dead is a very intersting book. It starts off very confusing but as you get on and on you get gripped at one point i was about to cry it was that dramatic, then the ending it was quite a shock because i wasn’t really expecting anything like that i was like OH MY GOD, The story/book was one of my favourite book so far

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