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There was this time when everything seemed to have come together. And so obviously it was time to go and screw it all up”. Sam is sixteen and a skater. Just so there are no terrible misunderstandings: skating = skateboarding. There’s no ice. Life is ticking along nicely for Sam: his mum’s got rid of her rubbish boyfriend, he’s thinking about college and he’s met someone. Alicia. Then a little accident happens. One with big consequences. Sam can’t run (let alone skate) away from this one. Has he got what it takes to sort it all out?


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  1. I think that this is a great book, not because of the story but that it is the only book I can think of that actually talks about teenage pregeant from a boys point of veiw. And I think that this would help a young teenage father. Work at their fears and help them unerstand that they are not alone and that things can work out all right.

  2. I found this book hard to get into because the main character is a boy and the fact that he talks about skateboarding; 2 subjects I don’t know much about. I thought it was interesting though to read how most boys actually think. It’s very different from the way I think. The storyline was very good and would recommend this book both to girls and to people who know nothing about skateboarding because I learnt quite a lot!

  3. I like this book because of the storyline. My favourite character was Sam because he was always clueless and never knew what to do. It was a good easy read and not too complicated.

  4. I really like this book. It gets straight into the story and is really funny. It is like a true story and the characters seem so real. I love the way the author takes Sam into the future through Tony Hawks, his idol, and the way Sam uses phrases from Tony’s book. I give this book 10/10

  5. A very touching but comical book which points out well what can easily happen in real life. The book is realistic and a good read for anyone as it’s not all about skateboarding. I love this book because it is so realistic and you can imagine what you would do if you were in the same situation. You can easily relate to it.
    my favourite character is Sam because you see hm change throughout the book and take responsibility for his actions. I thought this book was a good read and I’m going to read more Nick Hornby books because he brings storiess to life.

  6. A very interesting read. This book put me off a certain activity for a long long time but there is a good mixture of emotions throughout the book.

  7. Things I enjoyed about this book:
    Rabbit – he’s an amazing character who adds humour to the story in a way most other authors wouldn’t dare do. He’ basically a bit of a “stoned out of his head” kind of guy and that’s what makes him seem so cool.
    I liked the way Sam seeks guidance from his poster of Tony Hawk and the way he idolises him.
    I found it sad that Sam finds it easier to talk to a poster than his own mother.

    Things I didn’t enjoy about this book:
    I got a bit confused around p90 because it seemed the plot had gone haywire – but it hadn’t.

    Other than that a very memorable, enjoyable book.

  8. I really like Slam because of the point of view of teenagers Hornby has. This book is written in the first person so you really get a feel for Sam, the main character. The book raises problems and Sam does what any normal teenager would do but then solves the problems in very ingenious ways. This is a story which makes you wonder how things happen and how easy it is to say yes and not no. I really loved this book.

  9. Nick Hornby’s novel produced some strong feelings amongst our judges they thought that it was entertaining, graphic, annoying, approachable, fantastic, irritating, atrocious, witty and well crafted amongst other things!
    ‘Slam’ isn’t a patronising book, it’s funny, well written and gives you an insight into society. The characters are really colourful and they grow on you. It was great that Sam, the main character, had an idol, it meant that you could really relate to him. Having two sets of parents who were so different was really interesting.
    This book grows on you.

  10. This book was great, I couldn’t put it down! It was realistic except for the parts where he was in the future. I liked how it was from the guys point of view.

    Rachel Wafer
    Yr 9
    Benfield School.

  11. I thought that this book was actually really good. The cover doesnt seem really appealing, but the story was good.

  12. I thought this book was very humerous and interesting. It seemed to get better at the middle even though it was slightly boring at the start. 10 out of 10 from me

    Danny Furness
    The Blyth School Community College

  13. i thought that this book was ok. the way it was written was really good, but it was hard to get into and the story was not something i neccessarily enjoy reading. the main action was really exciting but the rest seemed to drag ever so slightly and lost me a little bit in the proccess. Not a bad book, but not the best either.

  14. This book would be my second choice i really enojed it it was very life like and brilliantly written. It always keeps you guessing with the jumps to the future and you dont no whats going to Happen.

  15. This book would be about middle on my list. It really did capture a teenager’s point of view on things. The book got me thinking at times. ideas formulated. Being a teenage author, although I am not that good (yet), really helped. I wouldn’t mind reading the book again more slowly.

    Adam Gilson
    Cramington Learning Village

  16. I found the book to be a short burst of exitment; i do wish, when Sam traveled to the future, the reverse happens in the present. I found some parts to be funny (Rubish, was a very good character) It did drag on a bit; but overall it was a good book.

  17. I really enjoyed this book and thought it was very well written. However I think that the parts of the book set in the future ruined it slightly as it made it unbelievable. I think it would be better without these parts however overall I really liked this book.

  18. Slam is about a boy called Sam who is a skateboarder. He seems to have the perfect life, until he gets his girlfriend pregnant. The story is quite deep, but it is hard to get into, and it explains too much at the start, but the middle is quite good. If I have to give this book a rating, I would give it a 6/10.

  19. After much consideration, my freinds and I unaninously
    came to the conclusion that this novel was composed to the highest standards of penmanship! The author writes with inspiring and compelling language. The book also covers a vast aray modern issues. After much deliberation we decided that the way the work of fiction was written in the first person effectively made the novel feel informal to the reader.
    Any reader will love this novel if they are keen on TEEN reads.

    In conclusion this novel is comical, entertaining and well written. I would recommend it to any keen readers who fancy a exciting, fast moving read.

    Jack & Richard

    Newcastle Royal Grammar School

  20. I absaloutly loved this book. I couldn’t put it down. I loved the fact that i was reading from a boy’s side for a change it was nice to see that their not always so confident. The book was wrote as if it was a boys diary he was my age so i found it really easy to read and interesting to find out facts about skating!

  21. I really didn’t like this book. I thought it was too predictable and didn’t like the characters or the plot.

  22. Steph: i thought this book was very confusing. i did not like it at all as i found the fast forward into the future very confusing.
    Gemma:Yeah the fast forwarding did make it a bit odd at times but I thought it was good apart from the fact that it is a bit too fictitious.

  23. Slam is a very well written book, and the characters feelings seemed very real. I liked the way the ending was kept open, with room to take it futher in your imagination

  24. I read this book really quickly. It did not appeal to me at first as it was about a boy but as soon as I started reading it didn’t matter as it was so funny. It was very thought provoking and I wanted it to go on and on.

    Evie Lack
    Yr 10
    The Duchess’s Community High School

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