Broken Soup

Jenny Valentine

An intriguing, compelling and moving new novel from the award-winning author of Finding Violet Park. When the good-looking boy with the American accent presses the dropped negative into Rowan’s hand, she’s sure it’s all a big mistake. But next moment he’s gone, lost in the crowd of busy shoppers. And she can’t afford to lose her place in the checkout queue — after all, if she doesn’t take the groceries home, nobody else will. Rowan has more responsibilities than most girls her age. These days, she pretty much looks after her little sister single-handedly — which doesn’t leave much time for friends or fun. So when she finds out that Bee from school saw the whole thing, it piques her curiosity. Who was the boy? And why was he so insistent that the negative belonged to Rowan?


37 thoughts on “Broken Soup

  1. Broken soup was really good i enjoyed it and was eager to get to the end.


  2. I think broken soup is a great novel and would recommend it to anyone. Rowan is a positive role model and could relate to her.

  3. A very confusing book with a not straight plot. I didn’t feel as connected to this book as I did to some of the others. Although I did not believe it to be a great book and I was a bit confused at the end I did think it was beautifully written and many people with different tastes to me will love it.

  4. Good but not necessarily one of my favourites. I think Jenny Valentine did a great job of describing things in this book; you could really get a mental image of the character or the scene she was describing. I was really both happy and sad at the same time when reading this book – especially the last paragraph. Overall I really enjoyed reading this books and hopefully will read more by this author in the future.

  5. From the very moment I opened this book I quite literally could not put it down. I loved the fact that I just didn’t know what was going to happen next, it just didn’t appear obvious to me at all. it only took me a day to read this! I’ve never in my life read a book that quickly. the storyline is absolutely fantastic and I would recommend this book to anyone. I could completely empathise with the characters and really put myself in their shoes. Brilliant!

  6. I liked this book because it was so realistic. It was an easy read and very descriptive. Harper is my favourite character because he was always there for Rowan and is friendly but also bit mysterious.

  7. Really good. The way the book is written is amazing. It gets straight to the point and isn’t boring at all. The characters are just like real-life people. This book was a real joy to read and I would recommend it to anyone.

  8. I thought this book was amazing. I liked the way so much evolved from the tiny incident of dropping the negative. I like the way Jenny Valentine shows us there are people in the world in worse situations than our own and the way she puts across the message that friends are important and should always be there for you no matter what. My favourite characters were Stroma for always looking at things in a positive way and also the mysterious Harper because of the way he is always there for Rowan. I love the twists and turns of events in this story. It has all the qualities a good book should.

  9. This was our winner. A fantastic, well written and heart rending story. It was witty, intriguing, realistic, and a very compelling read. Jenny Valentine has a very quirky style and ‘Broken Soup’ was a carefully planned story.
    There was plenty of suspense and it was easy to connect and empathise with the main character. We all thought Harper was great, he was the big brother that everyone woudl like to have, caring and companionable. Rowan’s Mum on the other hand drove us all mad, she was so annoying.
    Read it.
    We loved it!

  10. The plot is a sad yet enjoyable one but I have mixed feelings about this book. I wasn’t keen on the romance between Rowan and Harper although it did fit the story brilliantly. I loved the way the plot was thought out and couldn’t help feeling sorry for Rowan. I’d definitely read this book again on a rainy day and recommend it to a friend.

  11. I loved this book, the way everything pieced together. It was a little bit predictable in parts but I’d definitely recommend it to girls in their early teens.

  12. An amazing book, genuinely warm and sweet, my favourite so far. Extremely believable characters and not written so you’d believe it would be out of place in reality. Hilarious and sad at the same time; some parts I’d be laughing and some nearly crying. It was heart-warming and endearing. Stroma was my favourite character as she was so sweet and innocent but it was easy to empathise with all the characters. Straight away I wanted to be in the book to see everything that was happening. The eye-catching cover adds even more to an already fantastic book. I’d definitely read this over and over again.

  13. 10/10

    Love it

    I enjoyed all of the books i have read in the NETBA but this has to be the best

    All the intriguing and interesting characters were very easy to relate with and the fantastic writing made it easy to empathise with them . .

    Took me 2 days to read it .. completely addictive

    It has the makings of a award winning book .

    Jenny Valentine = Name in lights πŸ˜€


  14. I quite liked the book, however at times it could be very boring. The character’s were cool and easy to emphasise with.

  15. I thought this book was one of the best we were given to read, but not my favourite. Although I found it easy to read, the story line was interesting and really captured the audience’s attention.
    I would definitely recommend this to a friend as it was a good read.

  16. Broken Soup is a beautifully written novel which tells the story of Rowan, a teenage girl who is struggling to look after herself and her six year old sister. Rowan’s mother is struggling from severe depression following the tragic death of Rowan’s brother Jack two years earlier, and her father has moved out.
    One day, while in the supermarket a boy mistakenly hads Rowan a photograph negative which he is convinced she has dropped. This triggers a series of events which lead Rowan on a voyage of discovery as she not only finds out more about her brother Jack, but is also able to come to terms with her own grief while finding support, friendship and even love.
    This book is an emotional rollercoaster ride which has the reader totally engrossed and intrigued. Jenny Valentine’s characters are well drawn and totally believable. She cleverly uses the idea of the “negative” to produce a powerful, uplifting and ultimately “positive” story.

  17. I thought that this was a good book. It was also an easy read. I would definitely recommend this to a friend

  18. i thought this book was quite good. i have looked at it a few times and never really felt the urge to pick it up, but i am now ashamed of myself. Jenny Valentine writes about quite controversial issues such as suicide attempts, in a way that everybody can relate to and this is not an easy thing to do. i think that the characters are detailed and easy to picture, and if he was real i think i would quite like to meet (ahem!) Harper!

  19. Broken Soup ! It has got to be the best read ever. It was amazing ! Because i am quite a fast reader, i read it in like two nites. Jenny Valentine is an amazing author. I recremend that youu read her other book πŸ˜€

  20. I really liked this book. I didn’t really expect to as it isn’t something I’d normally read but I did.

    Danielle Hodgson

  21. Broken Soup was an interesting book although not my personal favourite.

    Adam Gilson
    Cramlington Learning Village

  22. I found the book to be a drag(Queen). i liked the characters but to get in to the book, just did not have the feel of exictement.

  23. I found the book to be a drag. I like the characters, but I found the stroy line to go on, I just could not get in to the book. just not appel to me

  24. Broken soup was a good book. It was realistic and kept the pace up all the way through. It had a good plot and left some clever twists uncovered until the end.

    Tom Beeby

  25. I love Broken Soup because of the way the author told the story about a girl who, as she made new friends, learnt more and more about her big brother

  26. Although I found the storyline a bit predicatable this did not stop me from really liking this book, especially the main character.

    Bethany Powell
    Yr 10
    The Duchess’s Community High School

  27. Broken soup has defenetly been the best read so far. Broken soup is one of them books that you carnt put down! You could start reading at 9pm and befor you even know it, its half 11 and you feel as though you have only been reading 10 mins. I thought it would have been quite childish, due to the frount cover but it has came out on top! Honestly one of the best books iv read.
    I really hope i get to meet Jenny Valentine seen as she is an amazing writer, i hope her other books are just as good!

    Overall really really enjoyed the read! πŸ˜€

  28. Well

    I think Broken soup was a good read but it isn’t my kind of thing, don’t get me wrong i liked how it tackled real situations and touched the hearts of the readers, some would go as far as to say that they were totally captivated by the realistic story. However I thought is was an average story but I would read it again .

    Enjoy It πŸ™‚

  29. Gemma: great book if a bit too predictable. Liked all the odd coincidences.
    Steph: i liked stroma a lot. i liked all the odd names as well. they must have been interesting parents….

  30. Broken Soup is such an amazing book. It is very addictive and the characters are so vivid and real, it feels like you know them. You’ll be stuck from start to finish. A really brilliant book.

  31. Broken soup was a really good book that i really enjoyed. I would recommend it to everyone. It was heartbreakingly sad in some places but filled with happiness in others. Overall a fantastic read.

  32. I liked Broken Soup because it was about normal people, who everyone could relate to, leading interesting lives, which is what everybody wants. Isn’t it?

  33. I loved Broken Soup. It was really easy to read, addictive, heart warming and the characters really appealed to me. I would definitely read this author again and recommend this book to friends.

    Katherine Jenkins
    Yr 10 The Duchess’s Community High School

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