The Innocent’s Story – Nicky Singer

The Innocent’s Story by Nicky SingerWhen Cassina is blown-up by a suicide bomber in a station in England, life as she knows it is over. Except that she doesn’t die. And – miraculously – neither does the bomber. Cassina survives as something that can live in the heads of humans, knowing their thoughts but powerless to change them. Cassina ends up in a variety of minds – her mum’s, her dad’s, a mad old lady’s, a bigot’s – but most scarily of all, she ends up in the head of the man who murdered her.
It’s an experience that challenges every single one of her beliefs and preconceptions, that terrifies her and frustrates her but, most of all, that changes her. Can it change him too . . .?
This is Cassina’s story, in her voice – a voice that will grip you and goad you, make you laugh and make you cry. It is a voice you will never forget.


14 thoughts on “The Innocent’s Story – Nicky Singer

  1. I couldn’t believe it when i saw my name on the website i was so exited and kept jumping up and down!

  2. This book was intriguing and the characters were memorable. I thought the issues it dealt with were interesting and they really got me thinking. Not something I would normally go for, as I’ve read some of Nicky Singers previous work and wasn’t as impressed, but this book really compelled me to read on. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone!

  3. I found some parts of this story very intresting due to the good use of description. However, I found in some places that the plot wasn’t clear and just plough on about unrelative things. I found the end was a very good cliff-hanger, it made me want to read on but got annoyed at the fact the book was finished.

  4. I read some of this book but I didn’t feel compelled by the plot or characters. I felt it was a bit too bizarre and slow and I was also a little disappointed after reading the thought-provoking blurb. However, in my opinion, the cover was quite creative and the idea of the story was original. I would possibly consider reading further into the book in the future.

  5. A brilliant story line. Nicky Singer has an amazing imagination to write something this deep.

  6. We thought that the book was extremely unrealistic and didn’t grip our imaginations. We were immensely disappointed with the ending. The story has not lived up to or surpassed any of our expectations.

  7. We all enjoyed the innocents story. It was a fantasy story that related to modern day issues that we all thought was one of the best.

  8. The Innocent’s Story gives us an indepth insight into other religious beliefs and allows us to participate in a sector of life which seems so different to our own. It enlightens us by revealing that human instincts are not differentiated by race.

  9. It took me a while to get into but I thought the author did a really good job writing this book. Maybe it could have been a bit more believable and the ending improved but it was a great story to read.

  10. I enjoyed this because of the plot and the interesting take on the afterlife and different religions. The author makes it easy to understand things I haven’t really heard of or thought about before.
    The only thing I disagree with is the ending.

  11. This is a fantastic book with a gripping story that keeps you hooked right to the end. Unfortunately when you reach the end of the book, the emotional rollercoaster that has taken you through from the start suddenly ends and dumps you on the kiddies ride. The ending is extremely disappointing, an unoriginal finish to such an arresting book when I was expecting such a big finish. I’d definitely recommend reading this book but maybe miss out the last couple of chapters.

  12. This book shows a modern day issue compared with a fictional response. The ending of the book is good, showing unforeseen circumstances.

  13. When I first read the blurb I was excited and intrigued by the storyline. However when I started the book it didn’t give me the same excitement. This was because the plot was unusual and I didn’t feel I could relate to the characters. Due to this factor I was unable to finish the book and it left me disappointed.

  14. I found this book harder to get into as it wasn’t the sort of thing I normally read. Although I personally didn’t enjoy this book, other people possibly would. I think the reason was because it was slightly hard to believe.

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