The Forbidden Room – Sarah Wray

The Forbidden Room by Sarah WrayI’m really scared.
Who knows what they’re capable of?
I’ve got to get away.

It takes just one tragic moment for Jenny’s life to change for ever. Now orphaned and confined to a wheelchair, she lives at Oak Hall Children’s Centre – until the Holland family offer her a wonderful foster home.

But when Jenny finds a diary under a floorboard in her new bedroom, she begins to unravel a horrifying secret. A secret that lies within the padlocked cellar under the house. And suddenly Jenny’s perfect new life is turning into a deadly nightmare – where right and wrong no longer exist . . .


16 thoughts on “The Forbidden Room – Sarah Wray

  1. Our judges comment:

    Very good, intriguing and mysterious. One of the few books about disabled people. Loved it!

    I liked it. It was very well written.

    Once again, a good page turner, but like many books aimed at a teenage audience it really underestimates its readership.

    Although it was really easy to guess what happens, it is nicely written.

    Not as scary as it looks.

    Made me want to carry on reading. I really enjoyed it.

    The story was misleading at first, but it did become predictable. I didn’t like the main character.

  2. I think this book is very interesting, there’s no way I could have predicted the true secret of The Forbidden Room. I found it easy to understand the different points of view of the characters and relate to them.

  3. I think that this book has a really intriguing cover and an interesting plot. I found it hard to put it down and read it in a day.

  4. Altogether, the book and the plot was good, the only thing that really annoyed me was of the fact she didn’t even go into the room. She spends the whole book wondering what’s in it, then you find out at the end! I feel that I only read on to find out what was going on why she didn’t go into the room!! Apart from this annoying part, the book was good.

  5. I enjoyed this book. It was an interesting mix of fiction and modern day science. I liked the use of suspense and sudden surprises, such as the mysterious car and the section with the mother’s over-protectiveness of Steven. The only downsides were that we did not get to enter the basement. But over all, praise for Sarah Wray.

  6. When I started to read this book it suddenly hit me how unfortunate it must be to be confined to a wheelchair and have to learn to walk all over again. Jenny takes a gamble to live with the Hollands but her perfect new home and life turn into a nightmare. I like the way Wray changes the style of the text to show that Jenny is writing in her notebook. I also like the way she questions Jenny and switches from the writer to Jenny to keep our interest.

  7. I liked the Forbidden Room mainly because it was all about solving a mystery. I’d read it again.

  8. I wished this book had a better ending and more twists and turns but I love the idea of the medicine that would never let you grow up. I thought it was a very creative idea and more writers should have creative and original ideas like this. My favourite characters were Sarah and Stephen. Stephen was so sweet and innocent but very smart for his age. He was like the perfect little brother that everyone wants to have. I liked Sarah because she was always encouraging Jenny and was a very good role model for her. She acted as if Jenny was her daughter.
    My favourite part of the book was when Jenny was at home practising in the garden when all of a sudden Lee appeared and they started talking. I thought that was so lovely because Jenny fancied him and it was really nice the way she got to see him. I loved the way Jenny grew in confidence and began to be more independent and follow her dreams.

  9. I didn’t get into this book properly at all and found it quite confusing. The introduction seemed to take up a lot of the book and was made up of narration, no action or speech. I also didn’t see what the title had to do with the book as it didn’t play much of a part in the plot. It was a bit of a letdown at the end when she finds her foster parents have been doing experiments on her as she just accepts it and carries on. She doesn’t react like a normal person would and make any attempt to run away from them and the language is very unrealistic. I can see how other people would like this book and it does have a good plot.

  10. This book is really good it has so many surprises and shocks. My favourite part of the book is when Jenny finds the diaries under the floorboards in her bedroom. It was such a shock as she read them. The author has a really good imagination and brilliant use of language. I would read this book again.

  11. I think this is a really good book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It has a great beginning but as you go through the book it gets even better. Although I can’t relate to Jenny she is a likeable character. There are loads of really good twists and turns in the plot that kept me on the edge of my seat. Although the ending was excellent I wanted to find out what happened to Stephen because I’d grown attached to him by the end of the book.

  12. I found this a really gripping book because it doesn’t give a way too much at a time so it makes you want to read on. It has an interesting cover and blurb and is really well told. It’s a little bit complicated because it’s telling two stories at once. I really enjoyed the bits where the main character slowly uncovers the secrets of her foster family. It has a very surprising ending, which is well written but a little bit disappointing. It’s a little bit boring but I would give it 4/5.

  13. The Forbidden Room is all about Love Hate and Betrayal, 3 things I think are crucial parts in a story.

  14. I found this book really gripping because it doesn’t give away a lot at a time so it makes you want to read on. It has an interesting cover and blurb, and is told really well. It’s a little bit complicated because it is telling two stories at once. I really enjoyed the bit where the main character slowly uncovers the secrets of her foster family. It has a very surprising ending, which is well written but a little disappointing. Overall it’s a little bit boring but I would give it 4 / 5 stars

  15. The front cover is a mixed bag. The illustration is enticing but the lettering makes it look puerile. The blurb is brilliant. It captures the imagination and makes you want to read on. This is the type of book I would normally read.
    I did not think the first chapter was up to much; it went on too long and the plot got lost. The book improved from chapter seven but up until then it was a bit of a drag. From chapter seven things greatly improved; however it sometimes spent too long on miniscule things. Despite this the book on the whole was worth reading and I would read it again.

  16. Immediately when looking at the cover of ‘The Forbidden Room’ I was interested in reading the book. The cover really encouraged me to read the story as it is mysteriously enchanting and imaginative. I had the feeling that the book was a horror story as the cover was quite dark and I thought it would be suited to teenagers as it includes sensitive issues.
    The blurb was excellent as it did not give away any secrets and created a feeling of suspense. Also as it did not contain explanations it encouraged me to read on.
    Before the first chapter, there is an extract from a diary which was eerie and made me want to read further: I wanted to answer the mysteries. Also, the first chapter allowed me to imagine the main character clearly in my mind, which made the story more believable; the character herself expresses realistic emotions – anger and guilt.
    Overall, I thought the book was great as it showed a story but also showed how Jenny learnt to live as she was and also teaches people to think about others.
    However, the ending could have been more exciting but overall I would give it 4 / 5 as I enjoyed thinking about the complex mysteries.

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