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Innocent by Anne CassidyCharlie’s brother Brad is always in trouble with the law, but it’s minor stuff, usually, just messing about. Charlie blames their mum, for going off and leaving her and Brad and their Dad to fend for themselves. So when Brad is accused of killing a motorist with a well-aimed stone from a motorway bridge, Charlie is suspicious. It’s just not Brad’s style. When Charlie starts doing some investigating of her own she unearths a bigger, much worse secret, as well as discovering things about her brother, his best mate Denny, and her long-lost mother that turn her world upside down. In trying to prove her brother is not guilty, Charlie has lost her own innocence, for good…


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  1. Central High comments:

    I did enjoy reading this at the time, however the next day I couldn’t remember the names of any of the characters, or the plot.
    The storyline was not as good as the characters, although believable and down to earth.

    A girl sacrifices her integrity to fight for justice and her brother. You want to slap her, but she pulls through.

    I thought it was good, but the main character was really annoying.

  2. This is a book which lets you into the tension in Charlie’s mind as she goes through the book trying to prove Brad innocent but in doing so loses her own innocence. I really liked the way this book solved the mystery step-by-step so I didn’t want to put it down.

  3. I love this book because it has a great plot and lots of little juicy twists. It’s quite strange because the only innocent people in the book are Emily, the little girl killed, and the man who dies in the lorry crash. I liked the way the book is written. My favourite part was just before the end when Emily and Charlie were playing detective to find out the truth because they weren’t getting it anywhere else and also the shock at what they find in the lock up….

  4. Innocent is a very good book and well worth reading. It sort of turns into a mystery but is quite a realistic book. My favourite character is Charlie because she seems to have such a strong personality but adapts her life to work with Brad’s. I liked this book because it was easy to get into, very well-written and realistic.

  5. This book was really good and not at all what it seemed. It has many twists and ups and downs and captures the reality of life and how in real life we don’t all live happily ever after. My favourite character was Emily as she was the only innocent person in the book and the only one who didn’t get involved in any of the drama. She is smart and realises that Brad is up to no good.
    I loved the way the writer managed to capture the emotions and personalities of all the characters, especially Charlie as she goes through the real terrors of being a teenager. I also love the fact that the writer has made Charlie and Emily friends as they are so different but similar at the same time. I loved and hated the end as the little twist was great but what the twist was was really sad and horrible.

  6. Anne Cassidy has not based this book around the murder. She has written more about why it was committed and the consequences; mostly what the families of both parties are feeling and how they are coping and dealing with their problems. I think this book is brilliant. It’s a good read you can lose yourself in. The end is unexpected but keeps you hanging on

  7. What I like about this book is that it has short chapters and it has real life emotions. It is also easy to read. I don’t think there is anything I don’t like about this book because it really interests me

  8. This book has a fantastic twist in it. I really enjoyed reading it. I would give it a rating of 10/10

  9. I thoroughly enjoyed this story; my favourite scene was when Charlie finally stands up for herself against her brother’s best friend. Anne Cassidy is a fabulous writer. I love her books, they are the ones that you can pick up and know that you are going to enjoy every minute

  10. The front cover is plain yellow with just a hint of other colours on it; it is simple but neither boring nor bland. It makes you think at first glance that it is a love story but on further inspection you see that the heart is made up if thumbprints. This leads me to believe that it is a crime story. The cover looks as if it is aimed at young girls but I think the title makes us think it is more for teenage girls.
    The blurb makes me think of an exciting, scary and wild scenario and makes me
    Want to open the book. It does seem an enjoyable book.
    The first chapter is strange because whilst it is unexciting I know something is about to happen: It makes me think about murder because of the blurb. So I want to keep reading so as to satisfy my curious mind but I cannot say it was an amazing first chapter.

    Overall the whole book was in parts enjoyable and easy to read. The simple language enabled me to relax but sometimes got too simple. In other parts the book was more secretive than enjoyable and it held a lot back. Little surprises were thrown in everywhere which kept me interested. The characters were believable and you could see how what happened in the book could happen in real life.

  11. When I first looked at the front cover I immediately wanted to read the book as it reminded me of a romance novel. However when I read the blurb it contradicted this. Although it still made me want to read it because it seed like something I would be interested in. Now, after reading it I think it is a fantastic book and I would give it 10 /10. This is because it was great to read something that shows the effects crime has on a family. I also enjoyed the twist within the book which kept me gripped until the end. I would definitely think about reading another Anne Cassidy novel.

  12. Looks like a girl’s book from the cover, however, I rather thought that it was an interesting book.

    The story starts with a prologue of the incident on which the story is set. After this, it is set in the diary form of Charlotte Simon, whose brother Brad has been accused of being involved in the incident which resulted in the death of a man. To prove his innocence, Charlotte tries to get involved with his best friend Denny Scott. However, to do this she affects her virginity, turns up in bed with him and ends up discovering the shocking truth.

  13. I found this book very good and even after the first chapter, I wanted to read on. The description of the characters gave me a clear picture in my head of them and the setting. The bright cover attracted me and made me want to start reading. Once I started reading I found that the book was the type I would normally choose. I really enjoyed reading this book.

  14. The cover of the book was yellow and I found it very inviting. The heart printed in a pink fingerprint suggested that it had a love theme but wasn’t going to be as simple as some romance book. The blurb intrigued me a lot and I found myself wanting to read the book. I thought that the book would be to my taste based on this and it seemed like the book I would normally choose. The first chapter grabbed my attention and I found myself wanting to read on. I could really picture the characters in my head. Once I’d read a little, it was hard to put down. The story line wasn’t too complicated to follow but not too simple to be boring, it was just right. The book made me think about it and things related to it, long after I had put it down. Overall I found it very enjoyable.

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