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frozenfire1.jpgIt starts with the phone call, late at night. The mysterious boy says he is dying. Dusty doesn’t want to get involved – but the boy seems to have a link to the one person who’s most important to her. Soon she has been drawn in – and now she has to deal with the other people who are looking for the boy – the violent man and his two sons, and the police too . . .

Yet throughout all this, Dusty senses the presence of a boy who is not dying, a strange elusive boy who can show her what happened to her missing brother and solve the greatest mystery of her life. Where he is, who he is, why he wants to die, she cannot say. Only one thing is certain. Finding him will be dangerous.


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  1. Central Newcastle High School comments:

    I quite enjoyed this book although it
    was a bit strange.

    A curious conundrum which was not resolved: where did the ending go?

    The book started off well, but as it got exciting, it got freaky…

    This book had great potential, but unfortunately the plot seemed to take a while to get going and to wind down after the dénouement.

  2. Frozen fire is about a girl who makes friends with a mysterious boy. It is a fantasy novel. When you read this book you are never able to predict what happens next. The is a Lakeland town in winter and we think this is a good setting because most people can picture a wintry town as it mirrors the nature of the novel. The description the author uses makes it much easier to imagine what the main character is feeling and what she is going through. The events did not always flow properly. Sometimes they would sound as if they were forced but that didn’t always pose a problem as it kept you on your toes while reading the book. It is a third person narrative which is good as you don’t just get one point of view from the story. By getting to read the events from other people’s viewpoint you develop more of an understanding to the event. The conversation was engrossing as they were usually very mysterious which required you to think about what could happen. We think that the actions of the characters were good for their age group. Dusty was a 15 year old girl and she was not described as being totally dependent on someone as you would expect a younger person to. She also does not have too must independence and still relies on her parents for some aspects. We think that she acted like most people her age would. We don’t think that the characters were stereotyped as the typical image of a teenager is someone Anti-Social. Dusty was just a nice, normal teenager like the majority of people we know. We found that the characters were quite convincing. A normal girl from a broken family with her parents divorced is a very convincing role. We see the character of the Father change over the book as he goes from being very soft and a push over to standing up for his beliefs and his daughter. We cared what happened to the “boy” as we wanted to know what was happening to him and what he was feeling. The atmosphere was created by the wintery scenes as the snow helped with the mysteriousness of the “boy”. It was fairly easy to picture the characters, settings and action as the characters were pretty easy to imagine through the description. The setting was very easy to see as everyone can picture a winter scene. The action was so well described it, was easy to picture. The pace changes often but this aids in the effectiveness of the plot. It is good to have a quicker pace at certain points, this adds to the emotions felt by the characters such as fear and anger. There is a good balance of description and dialogue that compliments the story well, the mix creates a better story. The effect created by the use of language include tension by answering questions about the “boy” but after each meeting, even more new questions developed leaving even more apprehension. We think the language is right for the storyline. The title does not have a direct link to the story, but it has a less obvious connection. The cover shows a link between the snowy scenes and the mysterious figure that no one realises. The blurb does reflect story in a small way in that it is the very first layer in an extremely large, double chocolate sponge cake with snow like cream and icing with hundreds and thousands and a flake and a delicate, dollop of chocolate sauce intricately poured to perfection …………………………………… …………………………………………………………………………………………………………….and a wafer! The book is amazingly tempting to read. What makes us read on is the first line. It grabbed our attention and made us read on. We liked the fact we were kept in constant suspense until the very end. We thought that the ending was a slight anti-climax as it was a poor ending to a very good book. The book was very good but we are undecided to if we would read it on our own accord. We would describe this book to a friend as being a very good story and well worth reading. We would recommend this to other young teenagers with an interest in fictional mysteries.

    (Intricate description of the blurb by Scott Trotter)

  3. I must confess – I cried when I read this book! As a boy, I do not normally read emotional books, but all of my friends told me I should read it so I did and I am so glad I read it. It makes me want to read it again but I can’t as all of the copies in my library have been taken out.

    If you enjoyed this book, but are after some adventure and some excitement, then you need to read ‘ The Black Tatto’. Trust me. You will enjoy.

  4. What a amazing beginning, I was hooked, but the I feel that the story could be cut down a little. This book gave me the creeps at the start, i was scared to keep reading it. It was just so creepy!!!! But it was a good creepy – the book was great!!!

  5. I really liked this story, It’s one of the best I’ve ever read.
    I think they should make a movie out of this
    because it will have the viewers clinging to their seats.

  6. I really enjoyed reading this book from the very start. It dragged you in and I was unable to stop reading which is extremely rare! I read this book in bed which wasn’t such a good idea as it is actually quite scary and creepy late at night and you start to imagine things. It was particularly scary at the start when Josh seems to know what Dusty is thinking just as she is thinking it.
    I didn’t really understand the middle section where she discovers more about the boy and what he can really do or could do to her. I liked the suspense and tension when Dusty was walking through the park, following a set of footprints to something that she couldn’t have imagined.
    I really really enjoyed this book and would recommend it to everyone.

  7. I didn’t really like this book because I read it late at night and I found the way the boy was creeping Dusty out quite scary! I also found the way Dusty found out more about the boy quite scary. I can see how people enjoy this adventurous thriller story it’s just not my type of book.

  8. An excellent book. Some of the descriptions make you feel like you are really there watching it all. I love the character Dusty as she is very feisty and still believes her brother will come back. I love the mystery that surrounds the boy and what he is. The whole book is packed with action and it never stops. All the different mysteries which are intertwined make sure you can never put this book down. The ending is amazing even though it is quite sad. I really wanted to find out what happened to the boy and whether his mother became like him. I felt really sorry for Dusty at the end because she was so disappointed with her brother that she tore up the one nice thing she had left of him. The really sad thing is that I don’t think she will ever forgive him because she is so feisty and headstrong. I feel sorry for her because she seems to have all this hatred that she doesn’t seem to be able to get rid of.

  9. This book is very good. It has so many unexpected twists and turns that you are constantly wanting more. I couldn’t put the book down from the moment I first started reading it to the moment I finished. The ending was good but very confusing. It was not so much a disappointment but just dissatisfying to get to the end and not really understand why it had ended. I’d recommend this book but not to the casual reader.

  10. While I was reading Frozen Fire I always felt slightly confused and had to keep re-reading parts to understand the story. I really liked the plot but I felt the author could have written it in a simpler way but still kept the same feelings and atmosphere.
    It makes a good read because of the plot. I liked the way that little surprises keep coming even though it all gets a bit confusing at times.

  11. I hadn’t read any of Bowler’s books before so I wasn’t sure what his style would be like. I wasn’t too sure at first and I couldn’t get into the book but that only lasted the fist few chapters and I was soon drawn into it After a while I couldn’t put it down!
    Bowler’s style is very good at drawing you into the book and making Dusty’s situation seem real. The only thing I didn’t like about this book was a few chapters from the end when Bowler uses amazing descriptive language but the subject is just really odd! I read that section a few times just to grasp what as really going on.
    Overall I really enjoyed the book and would recommend it. I’m not sure everyone will like it so much; it’s a real-life crossed with fantasy story which doesn’t appeal to everyone. I’d recommend it to 13-19 year olds because of the violence and sexual themes. It’s very much a young person’s book.

  12. I thought Frozen fire was the best book so far. It was excellently written and it was full of suspense. I was really intrigued about the strange boy and couldn’t wait to finish it and find out what happens. The ending was my favourite bit of the book, and tied up all the loose ends, but ended a bit abruptly.

  13. The cover of Frozen Fire is quite interesting as it is dark and mysterious. It is therefore quite encouraging and it makes you want to read the book. The title of the book also creates a feeling of mystery and confusion, which gives the feeling of a mystery genre which is suited to teenagers and adults.
    The blurb told a lot of the threads of the storyline which made me desperate to read the book. Also, I thought that I would enjoy the book as it is normally the kind of book I would read. The first line, let alone the first chapter made me want to keep reading as it is so shocking and surprising. The images of the main characters are made clear through the atmosphere of the first chapter.

    Overall the book was good as it presented subtle ideas and was eerie and haunting, with an ending linked to the beginning.

  14. From the moment I saw this book I knew I would enjoy it. From the very first page I was hooked. This book kept me wanting more – I didn’t want it to end. Every page was enjoyable; you know a book like this is good when you can see every image, every move, every face in your own mind. The book was that good and mysterious I had to stop reading and bring myself back into the real world. Over the period of time I read this book the characters became real. The story line became real, and I felt I was there, in the book, as a fly on the wall watching every move. I would read this book before bed and even dropping off to sleep and dreaming, this story was on my mind.

    I would definitely read this book again, because it is one of those books you can never get bored of, and I would recommend everyone to read this book.

  15. Frozen Fire gripped me from the beginning when I first looked at the front cover it interested me and made me want to read it. I was intrigued by the mysterious character which made me want to keep reading until I finished it. The end for me was brilliant and filled with twists, and made a fantastic book even better. Tim Bowler is a brilliant talented writer and I will definitely be reading more of his novels.

  16. The cover of the book suggests a cold winter theme. It also hints at a possible mystery with the dark figure. The blurb made the book seem a good and intriguing read. As the first chapter jumped straight into the middle of the plot it made me want to read on. The author provided a good insight into both the personality and image of the main characters. I found the creation of the ‘weird boy in the duffle coat’ a very original and imaginative character. It was like no character I’ve ever read about before. The whole story unravelled into an amazing, yet shocking truth about the disappearance of Dusty’s brother. For me, there was certainly an unexpected twist in the story. Overall the book was one of the best I’ve read to date.

  17. I’ll confess, I wasn’t exactly sold by the cover, and within a few seconds of reading the blurb I was beginning to have my doubts, but anyone who can walk away from Frozen Fire without crying is made of stronger stuff than me.
    The design of the title is one major flaw in the cover design. Yes, it’s pretty, but it clashes with the stunningly simple monotone of the rest of the cover.
    I didn’t really think a book with a title design like that would be anywhere near as moving as it was. Just from seeing the cover, you can tell this book is for the more mature reader; the serious, black and white design makes for a very solemn outlook. From reading the blurb, one begins to presume this is a fairly run of the mill, almost clichéd story. A girl has lost her brother and this inhuman, untraceable boy seems to hold all the keys to explain it all away. I honestly doubted that I would particularly enjoy this story and would have most likely not read it had it been outside of school.
    To be frank, I don’t think there’s a blurb in the world that could do justice to the poetic beauty of Frozen Fire. I cried so much towards the end of Frozen Fire, the plot is so moving. The personality of Dusty is so believable that one begins to feel sorry for Dusty and her loss; one feels the bitter rage of Dusty as she fights in the square. You begin to fell as confused as Dusty and you almost feel the frustrated compassion towards the boy. Bowler’s vivid description and poetic words cause you to feel the lonely desperation of the boy and the dazzling ending will leave you shocked and if you’re as easily hooked to this book as I am – in tears. I’d definitely recommend this.

  18. The cover
    The cover is eye catching because it shows a image of a silhouetted figure surrounded by white. The contrast between the black and white stands out and it is because of this that the multi coloured title is lost. The cover makes me think of an unloved child aimed at 13-17 year olds and it did make me want to read it.
    The blurb
    The blurb informs you that it is a mystery book and it stirs the imagination. It is the type of book I would normally be interested in reading and I did think I would enjoy it.
    The first chapter
    After reading the first chapter of Frozen Fire I was completely spell bound. I was captivated by the first line, intrigued too. I could see the characters so vividly – I almost felt them in the room with me. The characters were realistic to the extent that I could see who they related to in my life.

    The whole story:
    The book is extremely emotive, it stirred feeling inside me that I never thought I could feel. I can only say that I thought the book was marvelous, a definite must read. However I feel the author could have improved the book by using a wider expanse of Lexus and I think that the ending could have been improved by mentioning what happened to the boy simply because we have traveled the journey of the story with the mysterious ‘boy’ and it would have been interesting to see where the author would take him
    Star rating 4 ½ out of 5

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